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Zara is a chain of stores selling clothing and accessories. The Spanish company has a unique business model that has seen it become Europe’s largest fashion retailer.

Fashion is Religion

Story by Daniel Adrian , Indonesia

I like fashion, and fashion has been part of my life. ZARA has been part of my life for years. Their products are simple yet magnificent and graceful. They fit flawlessly to be my daily outwear both formally and casually.

Zara - Simple and Elegant

Story by Kenny Haryanto , Indonesia

When I first saw the Zara brand, I thought the clothes would be very expensive, but once I checked out a store I was impressed they were such a reasonable price. The clothes are beautiful, comfortable and very elegant. I love Zara!  

Daily Uniform

Story by Wilson Tjandra

Zara is my daily uniform because they are great work clothes. I have been wearing Zara since my 20s and the style and comfort of it really attracts me to the brand. My daily Uniform ! Not a lie, i’m always wear Zara in my daily routine to work. Either it’s the tops,blazer,shoes or the…

I never close the tab

Story by helgahelga , Indonesia

I always look at the Zara Collection via www.zara.com. I never close the tab of zara.com, it is always open in Safari. When I am walking wearing Zara it always boosts my confidence.

Highly Recommended

Story by Wilson Tjandra

The best moccasins I have ever had are from Zara. I got them for a birthday present and I was very happy when I got them. The style and comfort are absolutely fantastic. I would recommend to all men that they buy their moccasins from Zara!  

Everyone's Talking About Zara

I don’t know brands very well because I’m not that fashionable but the brands that I do know are the ones that my friends and other people talk about. My friends use Zara very successfully so I am happy with it too.   

Simply the best shop

Story by Jessica , Indonesia

You can find all types of clothes in Zara. It is the best place to shop combining high quality clothing with affordable prices. I love ZARA.

Life Partner

Story by neysadamara , Indonesia

Zara is my life partner. Zara has charm, and a sense of uniqueness about their products. I love all of their clothing, and feel fabulous when I wear it. 

All Eyes

Story by Hanny Sari Pertiwi , Indonesia

When I use ZARA products, whether it’s my shoes or outfit i feel more confident and fabulous, its seems like all eyes are on me because of the product I wear. ZARA IS THE BEST!

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