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XXXX beer

XXXX beer is from Queensland, Australia. Pronounced "fourex", the X’s derive from the old medieval European tradition of using X’s to indicate the strength of beer.

Throwing me a wink

Story by Tim Harrison , Australia

I remember walking/ running/ busing/ training/ driving/ taxiing past the brewery (I even worked there during uni holidays) for twenty years before heading overseas. When I came home ten years later, Brisbane had changed quite dramatically – but the drive along Milton Road still had Mr. Max on the side of the brick building, throwing…

This tattoo on the spirit

Story by Andrew M , Australia

I can’t believe it, a whole year with no support for this true lovemark! What does XXXX mean? To love the brand is to love who you are – A Queenslander. I don’t’ care – bring on the jokes, the jibes, the branch office tag. Being a Queenslander means getting up each morning and being…

It's like liquid gold

Story by Marina McPhee , Australia

Queensland, where this beer is brewed, has a name for being one of the hottest and least civilised places in far north Australia. They say that XXXX beer got its name because Queenslanders couldn’t spell beer. I think there just aren’t enough letters in the alphabet to come up with a word that describes the…

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