Xootr is a range of human-powered vehicles, including kick scooters and folding bicycles.

Gliding on a magic carpet!

Story by Lorraine , United Kingdom

The Xootr is so cute. Folks just seem to be taken in by its craftsmanship and styling and ask where it came from. ‘Xootring’ is so cool for getting around and you feel like you are gliding on a magic carpet! I love its look and it’s a joy to scoot on. I’m positively disappointed…

People love to see it

Story by Marlo Boyle , United States

It’s fun, zippy and hip! People love to see that what you are cruising around on is far more luxurious than a Razor Scooter, and much less work than a skateboard!

A small marvel

Story by Stephen Guenther , United States

Small, well designed alternative transportation for short distances. In today’s world of mass production and bigger is better, this company has designed a small marvel that is adequate for short hops around town or campus. And then it folds up and can be brought in with the user, no locking it up outside, and since…

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