Wovel is a brand of snow shovel and snow removing equipment that aims to bring ease and safety to the chore of snow removal.

I've even taken to clearing my neighbor's sidewalks

Story by Anonymous

Combining the power of level and a wheel, this invention is stunningly simple and effective. It used to take me 40 back-breaking minutes to shovel out my condo: I can now breeze through it in 10. I’ve even taken to clearing my neighbor’s sidewalks, just ’cause it takes a few extra seconds. We will save at…

A snow shovel that invokes a lovemark emotion

Story by Brick , United States

A snow shovel with a wheel. Come on you have got to be kidding is the first reaction. Looks like something that would have been invented in the 18th century (retro without trying to be so) but clears snow like a snowblower. I have had professional snowplowers stop to look, touch, feel and use. Always…

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