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Whole Foods

Whole Foods is a retailer of natural and organic foods in the United States and United Kingdom.

Freshest store

Story by Cynthia Sutanto , Indonesia

The freshest grocery store ever. My diet really improved since I started shopping at Whole Foods. I got to learn a lot about healthy food and produce. I remember when I was living in Los Angeles people told me I had to go shopping there. I cannot wait for the day a Whole Food opens in Indonesia. We need an educative,…

Organic goodies

Story by Cynthia Sutanto , Indonesia

This place is full the freshest organic goodies. I don’t need to read the labels closely because I know everything here is good and healthy. They even have great skin care products! Thank you Whole Foods, you have helped me so much during my diet. 

Holding a mirror up to the world

Story by profitous

John Mackay, the CEO of Whole Foods, is holding a mirror up to the world and helping to right the wrongs that have led us down a destructive economic path. He has coined (and trademarked) the phrase ‘Conscious Capitalism’. He is right in promoting the idea that businesses who care about more than the bottom…

I love Whole Foods with a passion

Story by Alyssa

I love Whole Foods with a passion! This is the only store that I buy food from because I am a health nut and they boast local organic bakeries/farms. The employees are very friendly and know everything about the store and location. There is always somebody available to help throughout your time shopping. One day…

Gives sustenance

Story by TakeItOrLeaveIt , United States

For a vegetarian, even in a big city, life in a world full of meat is not easy. Even for a non-vegetarian, Whole Foods provides farm fresh chicken, grass-fed beef, and some of the best steak cuts I have ever had. However for the veggie lovers, the surplus of food keeps this young man alive….

So disappointed

Story by Audiosond , Cyprus

Lat time I was home in California, I was SO disappointed in my local Whole Foods. They removed so many of my favorite items from stock! I cannot support that.

A home away from home

Story by gatoradegirl23 , United States

Whole Foods supermarkets is a home away from home when you are stuck in the world of a college bubble. Fresh fruits and vegatables. Organic and gluten free. It’s everything you need to make your dorm room feel like home.


Story by Copa , Italy

Whole Foods delivers a whole shopping experience. Never has buying daily basics been so – delicious. The presentation of the food, knowing that they try to put the best produce in front of you, the colours, smells, even the weight of vegetables, packets and cans! Whole Foods. My Lovemark.

Changing forever the way I selected what I ate

Story by Tiffany Rooprai , United States

From my first visit I was enchanted. Whole Foods is a temple worshipping all things gourmet. From the organic produce to all the deli items, I start salivating the moment my body enters the store. Each location I have visited has left an indelible mark within my stomach and soul. The Massachusetts location is where…

Reminds us why we often pair food and love

Story by Karen Geer , United States

Whole Foods returns food to the fundimental celebration that moves us at the base of our being. From the brown bag lunch packed lovingly by Mom, to the lavish Thanksgiving table – food is such an intregal part of our lives. Other chains make food feel packaged and cheap – a mere commodity. Whole Foods…

Idiocy to me

Story by Anne Heimel , United States

Paying twice as much for something any good supermarket would have is idiocy to me. I have inventoried this store before, and there is nothing special about it.

Healthier for the planet

Story by Rowan Fairgrove , United States

I feel so much better buying organic food and sustainably ranched meats. Not only is it healthier for my family but it is healthier for the planet. Thanks, Whole Foods!

A conversation with the cheese fella

Story by Russ , United States

The first time I remember walking into a Whole Foods market it was a day off and I was simply passing time before a matinee. I was looking for a good, tasty cheese. It was a slow morning and not many folks were around. I got myself into a conversation with the cheese fella. We…

Got it going on

Story by James Clark , United States

The first time I walked into the Whole Foods store in Boulder, Colo. I knew I was somewhere special. The fruit and vegtable displays were absolutely buzzing with great energy, almost as if the food was proud to be there. It’s the only Whole Foods I’ve ever been to, but if they have this energy…

An incredible shopping experience

Story by Linda Orlin , United States

Yes! Whole Foods is an incredible shopping experience available every day. This gorgeous store in Seattle and elsewhere emphasizes responsible eating and health for the world. Yeah!

A comfortable blending

Story by Joe McMahon , United States

An organic grocery store that provides good prices and good quality. My trips to Whole Foods have been changed from a crapshoot into a simple and easy experience. It’s a comfortable blending of the supermarket experience – dependability, freshness, availability – with the organic market.

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