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Where's George?

Where's George is a website that tracks the natural geographic circulation of American paper money.

I love this site

Story by Sue Fitzpatrick , United States

I love this site – I currently have about 100 bills registered, just waiting for someone to notice them. Would love to figure out an easy way to mark them, so they get notice more often.

All it takes...

Story by Frank Curran , United States

Think of it as a way to keep tabs on your collection. All it takes is for someone to be curious enough to enter the marked bill and let you know where it is. I have over 5000 individual bills in my collection.

Tracking your Georges

Story by Doug Belanger , Canada

Where’s George is one of the most amazing hobbies I have ever come across. Who would have thunk that anyone would want to watch their bill’s travels? Well, Hank from MA thunk it. He came up with the design for a web site that lets you see where your paper currency goes. Now, in addition…

Finding out how far your buck goes

Story by Casi , Canada

I have been using this for about 1 year now, being from Canada I use Where’s Willy? (which is the sister of Where’s George?). It’s great, legal fun that allows you to find out how far your buck (or in Canada, your $5) goes after you spent it.

Best hobby I've ever experienced!

Story by Charlie , United States

I love Where’s George! It’s a great way to learn about money and its travels, make new friends, and even learn about HTML while building your personal profile. The best part has to be getting those hit reports, though… you never know where the next bill will be reported found, nor what unusual and interesting…

Where does it go?

Story by Gus , Canada

Tracking money is a lot of fun, you get good reports on your bills and where they are. Being in Canada I use whereswilly.com and track money on 6 other sites. Where does your money go?

With no explanation

Story by Michael P , United States

WheresGeorge is a great idea. I can’t stop tracking my money, it’s so exciting how a dollar bill can travel from Florida to Oregon then back to Florida with no explanation. Every bill I mark to track is like planting a seed and then years from now watching it grow when someone finds the bill……

Seeking George

Story by Sarah Kelley , United States

George is the only man for me….Okay, maybe Hank….no, just George! Or Big Brown Georger….or TJ in Poke County (a Georger)……..I love George! Where is he???

Free, non-fattening and legal

Story by Hiram Abif - Jon Anderson , United States

What more can you say about a hobby that is free, non-fattening, and legal??!? It’s great that there’s an alternative to high-cost hobbies, and one where the participants are so friendly & connected. Beats the heck out of watching TV or paying attention to Bush & Kerry…

Often times ribald

Story by Tom in Rome Joseph , United States

I have been Georging for 2 1/2 years. As a retired math teacher it is a great way to spend some of my free time. Perhaps the best part is meeting new people on the site. Everyone is friendly but even more than that, helpful. Tracing the journey of a bill is always exciting and…

One of the best

Story by Tasia , United States

WG is such a great community! Sure the site was created to track money, but it has created great friendships, and much more! OKA (Operation Kool-Aid, sending kool-aid, etc. to the troops) would have never come about if not for WG. It is truly one of the best sites on the Internet.


Story by theIlluminator , Ukraine

You have been assimilated. Resistance is futile. We are George. All your bases are belonging to us. You have been assimilated. Resistance is futile. We are George.

Five different counties

Story by Rowan Fairgrove , United States

Where’s George is just incredibly addicting. On a recent trip I spent mone in TX and have gotten 7 hits there so far in five different counties. How cool is that!


Story by Ralph , United States

One of the best Hobbies one can become addicted to (next to Geocaching!)… love the friendly community atmosphere and caring individuals. Get-togethers, or Gatherings are always fun! New Mexico in October, Las Vegas in March ’05 and St. Louis in August ’05 !!


Story by Chuckster , United States

I visited the site, registered, and entered 27 bills… After four days I received my first hit. I was thrilled… And hooked! Give it a try…

It's free, it's fun

Story by TPot , Australia

This site can give you a crazy addiction and at first you might feel a tiny bit silly spending cash with stamp marks on it. But it is oddly fun and really interesting. Check it out, it’s free, it’s fun, and even if you don’t end up entering your own money you should at least…

You never know...

Story by Peter , Canada

As a Canadian, I’ve had a blast with Where’s George, particluarly it’s counterpart WHERES’S WILLY. There simply is no better way to track your hard earned $$, make new friends, learn Geography, HTML and have FUN all in the same place!! This is the ‘Granddaddy’ of all Money tracking Websites. So why not check it…

The best!

Story by Carol , United States

I’ve been a fan of this site for over 2 years. What a great obsession to have! I’ve met some wonderful people through the site during that time. Hank’s the best!

Some of the nicest folks I've met

Story by Rick Taylor , Afghanistan

I have attended seven WheresGeorge get-togethers, and I have to say these folks are some of the nicest folks I’ve met in a long time. “Georging’ is one heck of a lot of fun!

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