Vernors Ginger Ale

Vernors Ginger Ale is one if America’s oldest soft drinks. It was invented by James Vernor, a Detroit pharmacist, in 1866.

Was simply the best

Story by Jerry

Bet you can’t top this? My father worked for Vernors. Started drinking the stuff when I was a toddler. When my friends came over, they always wanted a Vernors (we had a fridge full of the stuff). I had a lot of promotional stuff to include balloons, Green Hornet novelties and just about every other…

My love of Vernors has remained

Story by jcf

I attended Vernor Elementary School in Detroit, Michigan. During recess in the spring, the Vernors truck would come and give us cups of ginger ale. My love of Vernors has remained through sickness and health. I now live in Maine and have it delivered, but am thankful for that.

None that compares

Story by G-Man , United States

I first tried Vernor’s when I lived in Rochester Hills, Michigan. I’ve always liked ginger ale but, after having had Vernor’s, there is none that compares. Come on Dr Pepper/Schweppes/Cadbury, take a chance and make this wonderful beverage to beverage available everywhere. The only time I can get it now is when my mother-in-law from…

I still long for Vernors

Story by Megan Reiss , United States

How many sodas are spicy? I can only think of one. Given ginger ale for tummy aches as a little girl, I still long for Vernors’ sweet, nose-tickly ginger flavor every time I feel flu-ish. Of course, as a grown up lady now I often enjoy my Vernors with a healthy splash of vodka.

The Vernors Plant in the 1950s

Story by Bill Siuru , United States

I remember going to the Vernors Plant in the 1950s. It was near the Detroit River, near the place you took the boat to Bob-Lo. You could find Vernors in all different flavors, the only place I know where you could.

Passionate about this drink

Story by Cara , United States

I live in Michigan and I always drink Vernors when my mood suits me or if my stomach is aching. The drink with vanilla ice cream and Vernors is called a “Boston Cooler” and not because of that city out East. It is named after a street in Detroit. People in Michigan are passionate about…

My favourite soft drink

Story by Teresa Patterson , Canada

I grew up in Windsor, Ontario where there was a Vernors bottling plant. Vernors was my favourite soft drink of all time. I only ever have it if I am visiting Ontario and I often wish it were made available everywhere. Why isn’t it? When I was sick as a child my mother would heat…

At last the average supermarket is carrying it

Story by alan goldberg , United States

Vernors Ginger Ale is the all time favorite drink. Icy cold or put a scoop of vanilla ice cream…unreal. I remember growing up in Detroit in the mid-fifties and my dad taking us to their plant. Today here in socal, at last the average supermarket is carrying it. Long live that flavor.

Heaven must be pretty close

Story by Gasper Genovese , United States

I grew up with Vernors ginger ail as everything from a refreshing soft drink to something that would make you feel better when you were sick. In a world of products that are all the same watching a first time Vernors drinkers surprise, sneeze, and then delight let you know that you are having an…

As a child I pretended to be sick...

Story by Matt , United States

I live in Northern Michigan and I’ve loved Vernors for as long as I can remember. When I went to College in Ohio I would always stop at the last highway exit in Michigan to buy my Vernors, since going any further meant risking being without it. Vernors is mostly a Michigan thing I guess,…

The king of all ginger ales

Story by Shirley Hill , Canada

Vernors is a brand of ginger ale with a strong unique flavour. It isn’t available in all parts of North America. When you get your first taste of the strong fragrant soft drink…..you never forget it. It is the King of all ginger ales. t makes the ultimate ice cream float. A hot day, a…

Morning, noon and night

Story by Andrew Pook , New Zealand

I agree, when I lived in Florida we had this stuff, morning, noon and night. Best drink I have ever tasted… though maybe not as good as L&P.

Worth every penny

Story by Amy Mueller , United States

This Ginger Ale is everything that was good about my childhood spent in Flint, Michigan. Soothes a sore tummy and when mixed with ice cream, divine! Now that I live in Oregon, I have it shipped and it’s worth every penny and then some.

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