Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair is an American magazine of culture, fashion and politics published by Conde Nast Publications.

Like my best friend!

Story by Alessiait , Italy

I love this magazine. I’ll never change it with another, because inside I can find everything from fashion to world news and other stuff about vacations, foods and beauty. It’s like a friend, my best friend!

Always interesting

Story by Lilliam , United States

Always interesting to read and flip through, packed with beautiful and breathtaking photographs, adverts and more. I love looking forward to the next issue every time.

With an attention span

Story by Jennifer Merlis , United States

It’s like People Magazine, but with an attention span. Month after month, Vanity Fair consistently prints articles I actually want to read, and read thoroughly.

Composed, cover to cover, just for me

Story by Daniel Ytterock , United States

It’s as if I have my own staff of editors who work all month to gather the most interesting stories, the best reviews of culture, the greatest photographs, then take them all, wrap them up and send them to my mailbox. This magazine seems like it was composed, cover to cover, just for me. Breaking…

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