Ubuntu Cola

Ubuntu Cola is a brand of fairtrade cola based in the United Kingdom. One third of profits are given to further develop projects for African sugar growers and their communities.

Hope the word spreads

Story by frisky , United Kingdom

I’m a die hard Coke (taste) fan – but have to say that the taste of this new cola has made me want to change loyalty. The only prob is that you can’t find it in all but a few places so far. Hope the word spreads and it gets a decent buzz which it…

Represents a dream

Story by Gavin Cargill , United Kingdom

I love Ubuntu Cola not just because I love cola but “Ubuntu Cola”, to me, represents a dream. It represents the dream of free trade; it represents the dream of freedom! Archbishop Desmond Tutu champions “Ubuntu” (I am because we are) as the way towards reconciliation. Perhaps a can of cola can do its bit…

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