TYPO3 is an open source content management system for enterprise purposes on the Internet and within intranets.

Everything is possible in Typo3

Story by Jakob Nielsen , Denmark

Typo3 is without a doubt the thing I love the most about the web. Typo3 is the most flexible content management system there is, and I love the fact that it is open source and still mostly better then all the rest. I love it! I love to work with it, and all the people I know that…

Repays back 10 or 100 times more

Story by Dmitry Dulepov , Latvia

I love TYPO3 because it is rock stable, high-quality and, I would say, state-of-art CMS. You can do anything with it – any web applications! It may be not easy to learn, but if you learn it, it repays back 10 or 100 times more! TYPO3 is the best piece of software I have ever…

First Class is TYPO3

Story by Jean-François Douet , Switzerland

I recently chose to hop on the internet train and the Open Source wagon. It has been running for a while, and I bought myself a ticket: First Class is TYPO3. You invest a lot but the returns are worth the effort! With a core team delivering new versions, the backing of a good community,…

Enterprise ready

Story by Daniel Hinderink , Germany

TYPO3 is proving that Open Source software can also be enterprise ready in the field of applications. It is also the only CMS player so far actually trying to win the battle over where content is centrally controlled, by eqally serving intranet, extranet and internet projects through it’s 5.0 development branch.

TYPO3 rocks!

Story by Georg Ringer , Austria

TYPO3 is one the most powerful CMS on the opensource market with a great community. The features, extension and all the things you can do with it are just awesome. TYPO3 rocks!

I hope that TYPO3 grows

Story by Peter Kraume , Germany

TYPO3 and it’s community are awesome. I’ve met some of the people behind TYPO3 and it was a very nice experience. I hope that TYPO3 grows and prospers as it has in the past.

Sharing the same vision

Story by Dominic Pfluger , Switzerland

TYPO3 is a very flexible web content management system which helps large companies and organisations but also clubs and individuals to maintain their websites. What makes it a lovemark?It’s the idea that everyone who works in an organisation actually can make contributions to the public website. TYPO3 is the tool which enables people to communicate…

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