Twitter is a social-networking and micro-blogging service that allows people to send text messages via SMS, instant messaging and Twitter applications.

World of 140 characters

Story by Sally Puspita Sari , Indonesia

I loooooove twitter! It makes people who actually find it hard to talk, say whatever they want. I can express my love for someone even if i can express it directly to the one i love :)

Perfect social network

Story by neysadamara , Indonesia

Twitter is the perfect social-networking website that provides a channel to communicate with other people. One application, a million benefits which connects all levels of the world. Distance? It does not matter. Perfect!

Twitter is the Best

Story by natanael gunadi , Indonesia

Twitter is a very flexible application. I have a lot of friends on Twitter and we can do anything, such as chat, send pictures and find lots of celebrities we like.   

Want To Be Informed

Story by Nadine , Indonesia

I start and end my day with Twitter. I make it a point to check updates and news when I wake up and before I sleep. I always want to be informed and Twitter makes it a lot easier for me even without TV and newspaper.

Have To Check

Story by sekar fauzia , Indonesia

I’m so addicted to Twitter. It’s the most vital part of my morning routine: the first thing I do when I wake up is check my Twitter, trying to see if anything interesting has happened. I just love it! 

Magical Experience

Story by sekar fauzia , Indonesia

Twitter give me the most magical experience. I’ve connected with so many of my old friends, and there’s always plenty of great content available on the platform. 


Story by sekar fauzia , Indonesia

I’m absolutely addicted to Twitter, It help’s me find out whats popular and trending topic in the world by logging into my Twitter account. 

Tweet Tweet Tweet

Story by sekar fauzia , Indonesia

I have learned so many amazing things by listening to people on Twitter that I’ve lost count. I have been able to search and discover the most current and relevant information I need to know. 

On Twitter

Story by sekar fauzia , Indonesia

Guess What,  I’m On Twitter! I first created my Twitter account to combat my Facebook addiction. I Was Lucky To Have Joined Twitter At The Right Time And Followed The Right People Things seem to be better if you join early on.

Is it worth the addiction?

Story by Melisa Louisa , Indonesia

What I really love about Twitter is the easy instant updating system. I feel something, I share it then and there. I get intstant comments on it, unlike long blog posts. Plus, I get to know a lot of what’s happening around.

Impossible Not To Open It

Story by Melisa Louisa , Indonesia

Twitter is a social media that I am dependent on. It is impossible for me not to open Twitter for a day. When I wake up in the morning, I do not read the Bible, I immediately open my Twitter. It’s much fun when we can monitor Twitter at any time through the phone. A…

The best feeling in the world

Story by Yudith Sitinjak , Indonesia

Twitter is the best social media ever in this world. I love Twitter because I can find any updated news through Twitter. It’s even more updated than other soclal media platforms! It’s easy for me to connect with people in the world, even though I have never met them, and make friends with them -…

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