TravelPod is a website that allows its members to create online travel journals (travel blogs).

I write so much better for an audience

Story by Kimber , United States

Travelpod is AWESOME! It is a great way for my friends and family to keep up with my travels. The creator is very responsive to user suggestions and the site is constantly improving — very impressive for a free site! I use it not only to keep in touch, but as my own diary. I…

Can't wait to hit the road again

Story by Andrea , Canada

What else could a traveller ask for? It’s great to be able to share your trip so easily with the people back home (including pictures!). It’s as user-friendly as typing a simple email, but the product is a million times better. Can’t wait to hit the road again! 😉

Greatly influenced the way I travel

Story by Anonymous

Travelpod.com has greatly influenced the way I travel. Not only is it a great way to inform friends and family of my whereabouts, it also allows me to inform other readers about destinations. But foremostly, it has made me look around differently – as I’d be walking along in India, Tibet or China, I’d already…

Take a genuine interest

Story by Miguel Esteban , United Kingdom

One of the best ways to get ideas about original trips that I know of…. plus the fact that the administrators of the website take a genuine interest in the feedback from its users makes it a truly brilliant site!

Friends and family can follow along

Story by Chuck , Canada

Travelpod.com is the greatest online travelogue site I have found, and it’s FREE! Other comparable websites charge fees or subscriptions for the same services. With Travelpod, friends and familly can follow along on your adventures, reading your stories and viewing pictures. I’ve used Travelpod.com many times – I can’t imagine travelling without it!

My travel blogs

Story by Jeff H , Canada

I absolutely love TravelPod.com! It’s easy to use and very easy for friends to view my travel blogs. I also love the interface and the email notification features. Fantastic, keep up the good work!

Exemplifies the spirit of the Internet

Story by Ajit Thomas , Canada

TravelPod is an incredible idea, fueled by the enthusiasm and personal energy of its founder, Luc Levesque. The site is all about community and exemplifies the spirit of the Internet. By being reliable and free, it has become a must have for travellers. I highly recommend it to all my friends when they travel. Keep…

Inspires even the biggest homebody

Story by Erin Garrett , Canada

Love travelpod. A fine tuned website that inspires even the biggest homebody to get out and travel. My next adventure to New Zealand will surely be relayed to my family and friends through travel pod. Whoever that Luc guy is, he is swell. Way to go luc! from Erin, in Greely, Ontario, Canada.

Made it so much "more" for me

Story by Carmella , Argentina

The level of expertise shown at Travelpod has surpassed anything I would ever expect from a free site. As I have been a member for some time now, I get a happy feeling of familiarity every time I sign in… like seeing an old friend. Travelpod has been with me throughout my whole trip and…

The places we love

Story by Doug Belanger , Canada

TravelPod is THE place to share my world travel stories. Lucky and the crew have created an awesome, friendly and free place where travellers share stories and pictures about the places we love. Imagine a place where you can keep a travelogue…where you can upload a few pics…where you can share your experiences with your…

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