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Trader Joe's

Trader Joe’s is an American privately-held chain of specialty grocery stores headquartered in Monrovia, California.


Story by Miguel Flores

Way before trends and fashion they noticed people had to eat in a different way and trade food in a different manner


Story by Nadine , Indonesia

TJ’s Speculoos and Dark Chocolate is to die for. I started craving for it ever since I first tried it. The smell and creaminess is very addictive. I love to eat it every morning with bread sticks!

Yes please!

Story by rachel , United States

Quality people, food, and environment at reasonable prices. Yes please!

Love and respect abound

Story by JuanitaK , United States

Trader Joes is not only unique in the food it offers but also in the way it treats its employees and customers. Love and respect abound at Trader Joes. Everytime I fly home to the US from England, I find the nearest one to see if they carry some of my favorite items (soytzels, California…

Making healthy eating within reach

Story by Conni Evans , United States

This store is revolutionizing the way people look at wholesome food. Bringing an affordable alternative to Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck), this brand has a great emphasis on taste and cost effectiveness, making healthy eating within reach of all who are lucky enough to live near one.

Have to have my Trader Joe's!

Story by Catherine Read , United States

We couldn’t live without Trader Joe’s! So much of what we eat is a Trader Joe’s branded product, and there is just nothing else comparable on the market. I just love shopping there – the products are outstanding, the prices better than anywhere else, and the stores and staff make it a pleasant place to…

Can't be bought at Trader Joe's - we don't eat it

Story by Jac Natarajan , United States

I recently moved across country, not a move I am enjoying much. However, I stumbled upon Trader Joe’s 6 months ago and it is just about the only positive thing I can say about my experience of moving so far. I have to say I now dread going to a regular grocery and have not…

A treasure and delight for all

Story by Jayne , United States

Trader Joe’s is a treasure and delight for all the senses and definitely should be brought to Wisconsin, particulary the Milwaukee area. I heard a rumour just recently that there is actually consideration for a store – near the Bayshore area.

Wish they would come here

Story by Tony Gomes , United States

We moved about a year ago form southern California to Milwaukee, WI. If that in itself wasn’t not bad enough, there isn’t a Trader Joe’s store in Wisconsin! Trader Joe’s would do very well in Wisconsin, especially in the Delafield or-Brookfield area. Wish they would come here.

Good food and good prices

Story by Kara , United States

I too love Trader Joe’s. Good food and good prices, especially for organic food. Having one nearby was one of the first things I loved about moving to Virginia. But nobody’s mentioned the quality that keeps me coming back. Finding the monkey in TJ’s keeps my son occupied throughout the whole shopping trip. Going to…

I searched and searched, but no sauce.

Story by Michelle , United States

Trader Joe’s is the best grocery store I know. But you all know that! Right ? I was recently introduced to Trader Joe’s Lemon Dill Sauce, and of course, I loved it. When I went to buy more, they didn’t have it. I searched and searched, but no sauce. I asked a clerk to help…

Please come to Texas !

Story by Texas Girl , United States

When is TJ’s coming to Texas ? I’ve had the joy of shopping at TJ’s while I was in other states. We have similar stores in Dallas, like Whole Foods and etc. Please come to Texas !

We watched it grow from the ground up...

Story by Donna Bjornson , United States

We moved to California in 1959, and watched Trader Joe’s grow from the ground up, I loved that store. In January of 2005 we moved to Kearney Nebraska and I really miss my weekly trips to Trader Joe’s (Westchester, Culver City, Palms and Ocean Park. We have a son living in California, so I can…

TJ's = xoxox

Story by Kim , United States

Please, please, please come to Milwaukee Wisconsin! I love Trader Joes with a passion. I have a sister who lives in California so I am able to “visit” TJ’s at least twice a year. I also make TJ’s trips to Northbrook, Il. I can easliy spend 3 hours in the store! It’s a great time!…

I miss the old fashoned ones...

Story by Kathi Ford , United States

I too miss the old fashioned 4 oz soap bars that Trader Joe’s used to carry up until last year – the type that had Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil. All I can find now are the variety with tea-tree oil which has an unpleasant fragrance.

I miss the old fashioned 4 oz soap bars...

Story by Reuven Golani , United States

I miss the old fashioned 4 oz soap bars that trader Joe’s used to carry up until last year. They had aloe Vera and Jojoba oil, it was very mild,non-greasy, non-scented no animal bi-products and not animal tested. I am so allergic to perfumes of the likes used in these new soaps and I feel…

And I went through the Joe withdrawal..

Story by Linda , United States

I have been shopping at Trader Joes since 1968 (their second store on Foothill Blvd in La Crescenta, CA). I lived in Bend, OR for 17 years, and I went through the Joe withdrawal, so I know what you are going through, I also longed for them to open a store there.

I miss Trader Joe's

Story by Edmund Davis-Quinn , United States

I miss Trader Joe’s. When I lived in California I was able to go all the time and get great beer, wine and “singleton” food. I really think they need to have a TJ’s in Portland, Maine. I also think they would make a mint in NYC. A great store.

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