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The Leaky Cauldron

The Leaky Cauldron is a comprehensive website focused on Harry Potter books, movies and related franchise.

I suddenly had a way to connect

Story by Anna Libertas

For a long time Harry Potter was an almost secret obsession. I didn’t know of many people who shared my passion for the books so I was stuck re-reading the books and going to midnight premieres by myself. When I discovered Leaky, I suddenly had a way to connect with other Potterheads, get the latest…

The perfect place

Story by ifancyharry , United States

My favorite Harry Potter fan site, and the most reliable. Leaky is the perfect place for diehard Harry Potter fans.

The most reliable

Story by Anonymous

The most reliable Harry Potter news site, respectful of fellow Harry Potter fans and the general community, delivering the best news 24 hours a day. When I turn on my laptop in the morning, I always go straight to Leaky. They are such nice people, too!

Not only a website

Story by Charlene , United Kingdom

Leaky is not only a website- it is a community of friends- I find myself checking it several times a day, as well as participating in their forums to talk to other HP Fans! I wait expectantly for each pottercast as well!

The BEST Harry Potter website

Story by Rudi , United States

The BEST Harry Potter website on the net! Every peace of news, great design and a team that really cares! It’s a website I have to visit at least two times a day!

Utter Brilliance

Story by Arya , United States

I love Leaky for it’s smallness, its simplicity. It’s easy to find things; the links are all there. And you actually get to know the people who post the news…Melissa, Sue, everyone. And John with his Chipotle. It’s such a wonderful little communtiy, and I love that people are recognizing its brilliance.

You just find yourself going on it all the time

Story by Nat Mills , United Kingdom

This website is really great. You just find yourself going on it all the time. It is a great website for all things Harry Potter and has a really acsessible and easy to use format. The news is updated daily, which is really cool. I don’t know how I could live my Harry Potter life…

Glued to it

Story by Nikhat Shaikh , India

It feels like you are living in real Harry Potter world. I get to know new stuff and everyone knows so much about HP,that you are with someone of your taste. It just makes you happy and you always glued to it.

What would I do?

Story by Inky , United States

Leaky. What would I do without it. Not only is it an amazingly designed site (the new layout rocks!) but like people before me have said, the community is unbeatable. A HP geek like me often finds myself surrounded by people who only know about the movies, or people who like the books but aren’t…

It's like my coffee in the morning

Story by Josh , United States

I absolutely love this site. It’s like my coffee in the morning. I wake up just to see the new Harry Potter news for the day. If I’m lucky, a new PotterCast will be ready for download and maybe some new on-set screen shots. An absolutely *Brilliant* website!!

I never found the same passion

Story by Jyothi Shankar , India

Leaky feels like home. I am a die-hard fan of anything Harry Potter and I never found the same passion in my immediate surroundings. Something was lacking and then I discovered The Leaky Cauldron, and ever since, I visit the site everyday and feel part of a big HP Family.

A great place to catch up

Story by Kimmy Marcantonio , United States

I absolutely love this site. Everyone there has become my little Harry Potter family where I can talk to people about Harry and anything else. Also Leaky always has ALL of the news, and is a great place to catch up!

Without it I'd never would have known

Story by Javaria Burki , United Kingdom

I love love love the Leaky Cauldron. It’s great! Without it I’d never would have known about the Luna Auditions even though my bro already told me. But I didn’t believe him most probably cause I was half asleep. The best website for Harry Potter ever!

A wonderful team of editors

Story by Andrew Bryant , United States

The Leaky Cauldron is the most reliable source of information about Harry Potter. It has accurate details, updated news, and I first learned of it in J.K. Rowling’s site, who recognized TLC! It has a wonderful team of editors, who work hard to see that the truth gets out to all HP fans, and that…

A fantastic website which respects all opinions

Story by Meera Gita Patel , United Kingdom

The Leaky Cauldron is a fantastic website which respects all opinions and ships. Everybody is friendly and you can see the large amount of work that the admin have put into it. Leaky also uses terms from the books and the podcasts are very cool. I love Leaky and all the admin are extremely helpful!

The Harry Potter world

Story by Clemnt , United Kingdom

I always go on TLC its great to know what’s coming up and what’s happening in the Harry Potter world. It’s always updated and the guys who are running it are the best at their job.

I have made it my homepage.

Story by Monica , United States

I would just like to say that I looooove TLC. I have made it my homepage for some years now. It is the first place I look for all things Harry Potter, and it is always accurate and true. Not to mention the people are the best!

It's a site for diehard fans.

Story by Colin , Canada

I love the Leaky Cauldron website. It has everything you need or would want in a site for diehard Harry Potter fans. The coverage of all the books and movies is amazing. This site isn’t just for young readers of Harry Potter, but for all readers. I love this site and the series of books….

This site is perfect...

Story by Lauren , United States

I love the Leaky Cauldron because I am a big fan of Harry Potter, and this site is perfect! It is for people just my age, and it is not too ‘little kiddish’ like some other Harry Potter sites. It is funny and fun and I think it is now my favorite site (aside from…

Personal touches

Story by Julia , United States

I love this site soooo much! All the news is accurate, and Mellisa often adds personal touches to the posts. They give much more information than other Harry Potter news sites, and the leaky lounge is a delight to chat in, with a very positive attitude surrounding the comments.

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