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The Knot

The Knot is one of the world's leading wedding media and services companies. It is the number 1 wedding website with 2.1 million unique visitors a month.

Wedding Salvation

Story by Madison Vernon , United States

This resource has been my go to ever since I began planning my commitment ceremony to my wife. It has kept me from feeling over stressed by helping me plan every single task and even created a basic budget for us. The Knot supplied us with everything from vendor options to inspirational photos.

My savior when planning my wedding

Story by Jenny Bell , United States

The Knot was my savior when planning my wedding. I seriously did not know where to turn but The Knot provided everything from vendors to other brides to chat with. The brides on the boards have been an extremely valuable resource and I keep coming back to them, despite having been married in early 2005….

Gave me great advice

Story by Cheryln Ayala , United States

I got most of my ideas for my wedding from the Knot. I even found my photographer on the Knot. The girls on the Knot gave me great advice, and are always truthful when asked. We give each other advice on weddings, as well as on life, family, money, careers, children, etc. It’s one big…

Nobody else knows...

Story by Ellen Buckley , United States

I have found so many great ideas on the Knot during my planning. I’ve also met some great women. The Knot is an outlet for so many resources, and a great support system. Nobody else knows what a bride is going through the way another bride does.

Hints and helpful ideas

Story by Shana Shirley , United States

I love TheKnot and have become quite obsessed with it! To be able to communicate with so many other women that are doing the same thing is remarkable. I have been able to get so many hints and helpful ideas to assure that I have a low priced and beautiful wedding.

Wouldn't be as far along

Story by Stefanie Miller , United States

The Knot is simply amazing, especially the chat and boards so helpful, great ideas, vendor reviews, everything! I certainly wouldn’t be as far along planning my wedding if it wasn’t for the knot!!

My big day

Story by Renee , United States

The Knot is wonderful! Since I got engaged it has been an invaluable resource to me. Everything I have decided on for my wedding has been with the help of my fellow “Knotties.” I use the budget planner and the guest list planner all the time to figure out the details of my big day….

With the support of the Knot

Story by Amy , United States

I planned a wedding and went through a break up with the support of the Knot. It is great. I can’t wait to use it in the future!!

A great support system

Story by Beth , United States

Theknot.com is a great place for Brides!! I find myself on the messege boards all the time! The women on there are so helpful and I have become friends with some of them! It’s a great support system of people who know what you’re going through and are just as obsessed with weddings as you!

Kept me calm, kept me focused

Story by Carlena Johnson , United States

I love theknot.com. It was such a godsend to me. From the beginning, all the resources it had, and then finding the local resources chatboard. My wedding has come and gone, but the girls and I have several knot GTG (get togethers) almost every month. It’s so much fun to chat with other girls that…

Even after the wedding...

Story by Amy Jacobs , United States

The Knot — don’t wed without it! I used this site to plan every step of my wedding from the budget (thank goodness for the budgeter) to gown shopping (Melissa Sweet made mine!) to finding all of my vendors (photog, florist, cake and more!) to the messageboards. Even after the wedding, I am still addicted…

Used many times for advice

Story by Heather , United States

I absolutely love theknot.com. I don’t have much time, and have used theknot.com to help with most of my wedding planning. Also being the first in my circle of friends to get married, I’ve used the local message boards many times for advice.

Great to see what other brides are really doing

Story by Denise Cromer , United States

The Knot is THE BEST wedding planning resource! It is great to see what other brides are really doing, instead of just getting ideas from a catalog or magazine. The chat boards are so helpful and there are so many great brides to answer questions!

Priceless tool

Story by Amy Madura , United States

I couldn’t have imagined planning a wedding without theknot.com. All but one vendor of my wedding was booked by recommendations of the other “knotties”. They were awesome. The knot is a priceless tool to all brides across the country. They are number ONE!

Excellent resource for women in general

Story by Dina blah , United States

The Knot is an excellent resource for brides to be and women in general. It is so heartwarming to see how complete strangers come together to help with advice and a kind word, and sometimes just to listen and offer support.

Best of all...

Story by Joann , United States

I couldn’t have planned my wedding without the knot! Best of all are the local resources and local messege boards – I made friends, got advice, and found great vendors!

Wonderful brides and brides-to-be

Story by Becky , United States

The Knot is truly addictive. I am on every day. With about 7 months to go until my wedding, the assistance from the wonderful brides and brides-to-be is invaluable to me.

Wedding of my dreams

Story by Teri Scholl , United States

I think that the knot is an amazing website! It has everything that I, as a bride-to-be, needed to efficiently (and affordably) plan the wedding of my dreams! The site’s most precious asset? The message boards where I could vent my frustrations, get answers to my questions and get help from fellow brides-in-need, like myself!…

Fellow knotties

Story by Betsy , United States

How did people plan weddings before The Knot? I have gotten not only advice but booked my band on recommendations from fellow knotties… it’s nice to know we are not alone in our quest to plan a great wedding (dare I say the word “perfect”?)

Helped me stay sane

Story by Amanda Parsons , United States

You can never know how much the Knot has helped me stay sane through the planning process. Along the way I have made some wonderful friends and gotten some great ideas. I have been able to purchase used items from people and have sold items I didn’t need and couldn’t return. Bottom line: THE KNOT…

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