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The Body Shop

The Body Shop is a global chain of beauty and cosmetic stores. The company was founded by Anita Roddick and is noted for selling products that are made without animal testing.

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Extraordinary Product! Amazing Perfume!!

Story by Anggrita Ghita , Indonesia

It’s been 6 years since the first time I used the amazing product from this company. I really love the White Musk perfume! Especially the amazing scent. It makes me feel like a queen. One thing I will always remember is that I can buy this high-quality product at an affordable price. Thanks!!!

In Love with BB Cream!!

Story by Yolanda Wulandelvi , Indonesia

I’m truly in love with BB Cream, because they all blend very well with my skin. I always use this product every morning before my activity! and it’s still great until night. So recommended for you ladies!! THANK YOU BODY SHOP!!

Thank You Body Shop!

Who doesn’t know Body Shop? All women love it. They have many interesting scents. Body Shop has changed me. I feel pretty! Yes, Body Shop makes me confident. I always in a good mood. Nothing can replace my favourite scent, moringa :)

Nature's Way to Beautiful

Story by Lidya Lesmana , Indonesia

As a woman, The Body Shop understands me so well, and the natural and beautiful look I want to attain. The strawberry package is the one and only choice that I go for. It’s sweet and fresh scent grabs people attention, and brings them closer to me, especially my loved ones. With you, I always…

Beauty Meets Sustainable

Story by Rully Febrina , Indonesia

The Body Shop has a wide range of different scents and lotions. I can recommend their make up products as well, because they all blend very well with my skin type. All of the products are made without animal testing which is really important to me. Thanky you Body Shop.

High school sweethearts

Story by dinameidianti , Indonesia

I have fallen in love with this product when I was in Junior High School. For me it will never be replaced by any other product. That is how amazing it is.

In love with the scent

Story by Irene , Indonesia

I am in love with the scent of the Love Musk Perfume. It smells so good and calm. It is long lasting too! I just need to spray it once in the morning and it will last all day. The tea tree oil is also so good! It cures my blemishes very fast. It always…

Favourite beauty products

Story by Sylvia JF , Indonesia

BodyShop makes my favorite beauty products. It has so many kinds of fragrances and it makes me feel free whenever I use it. My favorite is tea tree oil facial wash. It makes my face feel clean and fresh. Body shop is my friend!

Natural ingredients, fresh feeling

Story by Evangelia , Indonesia

BodyShop is my favourite brand. It is made from natural ingredients, so I feel fresh when I use BodyShop products. My favourite product is the white musk deodorant. It makes me feel fresh and smell good along the day. Thank you BodyShop.

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