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The Beatles

A British pop and rock group from Liverpool, The Beatles are regarded as the most succesful group of the rock and roll era; reportedly selling more than 1 billion albums worldwide.

Long Live The Beatles!

Story by Raisha

The first Beatles album i’ve heard is Hard Days Night. I realized that i love this band because i’ve memorized some of their lyrics from each album, it always keeps me alive by singing their song. Besides that, some of their history interested and amazed me. My favorite albums are Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club…

A Kickstarter to Modern Music

Story by Pandu Prabowo , Indonesia

The Beatles, their cleverness, their style, their music is a Big Bang in Modern music, many kinds of genres were invented or become popular after the Beatles era. The only group band that ran the Music Trend after 20 years of their glory days. The only band that blows my mind

True Identity

Story by Pandu Prabowo , Indonesia

The Beatles, music that makes you move your body and enlightens your mind. The only good reason to show off your crazy moves or dancing skills to everyone without being ashamed or shy.


Story by Irene Abigail , Indonesia

The Beatles are simply incredible. Four British men who combined their musical talent and created one of the most phenomenal groups in music history. With all the girls screaming their names.. all the boys are dressing up like them (white shirt , black tux , black slim tie) and ready to rock the stage. Thank…

Soundtrack of my life

Story by Yudistira Tribudiman , Indonesia

They were the ones who introduced the music we hear today. Okay, there are classical music, rock n roll, jazz and blues. But the Beatles they converted these types of music into simple and straightforward melodies which formed our present pop music. Beatles covers classical music, rock n roll, and blues into their own type…

Endless Music

Story by joseph sudjono , Indonesia

The Beatles’ music is just timeless. Their great songs probably will be around forever and I understand why. Thank you. 

I love The Beatles

Story by Bhara dimar Saputra , Indonesia

I love The Beatles, grew up with their music and will die with their music. There will never be another band like them or one that has influence they had and still have.

The foundation of my music culture

Story by Flavio Pezzoli , Italy

I was born in 1963 and have grown up near the juke box of my grandfather’s bar near Bergamo, in Italy. The Beatles’ songs have been the foundation of my music culture … better…they’ve been my first emotions from the music world. When I listen now to a great song from other bands, I can live…

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