The Teletubbies was a children’s TV programme that was produced between 1997 and 2001. Aimed specifically at pre-school viewers, it featured four ‘teletubbies’ that lived and played in ‘Teletubbyland’.

Cuddly Teletubbies

Story by Bella Permana , Indonesia

I really miss the Teletubbies. They were on TV when I was only four but I used to watch them everytime I was home. I always wanted to hug one!

Never Boring

Story by Putrinka Femmy , Indonesia

I never get bored with the teletubbies. They are all so cute. I own a lot of their products like magnets, bags and dolls. You are never too old to like teletubbies.   

Remain in People's Hearts

Story by Wilson Tjandra

The four teletubbies were my favourite characters to watch when I was a child. It is really funny and always improves my mood. I hope this TV show will always remain in people’s hearts.   

Appreciate the Little Things

Story by Sassa , Indonesia

I have a teletubbies doll at my house because it gives me nice memories of watching the TV show with my little brother on a sunday morning. I love how this show demonstrates how to express affection toward one and other and appreciate the little things in life.    


Story by Bella Permana , Indonesia

Watching Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala, Po, Lulu and tubby’s pudding is one of my favourite childhood memories. I first saw the show when I was four years old and I watched it every day. It was an amazing show.

On behalf of the toddlers

Story by Lisa Kelsey , United States

They may be a bit creepy to adults, but anyone with children couldn’t vote against these harmless teletubbies -my kids both loved them when they were toddlers.

A smile to my face

My children just love Teletubbies and what more I can ask. Happy children imitating Teletubbies “BIG HUG” and talk like Dipsy, La-la, Po, Tinky-Winky and Noo-noo, brings a smile to my face.

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