Tarboush is a brand of Lebanese chocolate-coated cream filled treats. The candy was historically referred to as 'ras el abd' (slaves head) but renamed due to its negative connotations.

Reminds us of our childhood

Story by karine kassis , Lebanon

True!!! We did love that chocolate coated cream and we still do. Maybe because of that fully fledged white cream? Well, I’m not sure, because its not the best tasting candy after all, right? I guess the connection we have is more of an emotional one. It kind of reminds us of our childhood. It’s…

We all love it

Story by csawane , Lebanon

Chocolate wrapped cream on a biscuit, every Lebanese knows it, loves it and eats it every day. Very cheap, made in Lebanon. We don’t know what we love about it. It’s not known, it’s never used advertising and I have never seen an ad for it, yet we all love it. It’s like Havaianas for Brazilians.

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