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Swatch is a brand of quartz watches produced by The Swatch Group Ltd. The name "Swatch" was originally a contraction from the term "Second Watch".

Simplicity Love

Story by putusutha , Indonesia

I just love Swatch’s simplicity. The design and everything is just perfect for me! It was a great decision to switch my watch to Swatch! You should do it too.

My Only Choice

Story by joseph sudjono , Indonesia

I now have 5 Swatch watches and I love them all. When I go travelling I always take one of my Swatch watches with me, because they make me feel confident and are comfortable to wear.

Watch Convert

Story by Clarathania , Indonesia

I love Swatch! I didn’t like to wear a watch before but when I found out about Swatch Watches, I changed my mind. I like to wear them with any outfit.  

I Really Love Swatch

Story by kriselia , Indonesia

I really love Swatch. They have many variant colors and always up to date. I really like to match my outfit with the colors of my swatch. Currently I have red, green and grey and I’m going to add my collection soon. 

Swatch is me

Story by Fachry29 , Indonesia

Swatch is me. I am Swatch. I already have 3 Swatch watches. Love them all. It’s unique, simple, and cool! Youthful too.

Match this comfort

Story by Zeynep Aydin , Turkey

My Lovemark is not just Swatch, but Swatch Skin. For years I’ve hated watches that hurt or mark my wrist when I bend it. Whereas Swatch Skin gives you the lightest, most naked feeling in a watch. A feeling that is missing even in a $10K luxury watch. Hats off to that! After Swatch Skin,…

Life can be good

Story by Emanuela Ion , Romania

I’ve got my first Swatch as a present when I was young, poor and broken hearted. I wore it for years and felt sorry when I lost it, as it made feel confident and important when I most needed it. Since then, I’ve met new people and got other watches that lasted less or longer,…

So cool!

Story by Melissa , New Zealand

Yes, the Swatch watches have been around for a long time now. But lesser known is the Swatch jewellery range ‘Bijoux’, with colourful, funky designs which I am just loving! My favourite? The swimming pool ring which actually has liquid inside so that there’s just one little air bubble that moves around as the ring…

When I was ten

Story by Megan Reiss , United States

Yes, Swatch was cool when I was ten, and we all wore three or four stacked on our wrists, set to London and Tokyo times as well as the time zone we actually used in Ohio. When I was 15, I went to Europe for the first time and before I left I bought a…

Swatch this space

Story by Anonymous

I remember my first Swatch like it was yesterday. It has now been about 20 years, but I recently purchased a new ski-pass swatch while in Switzerland. I was amazed to see just how BIG Swatch still is in Switzerland.

Young at wrist

Story by Gun Pulhan , Turkey

I was 15, when I got my first Swatch. Since then it has become a part of my character. The minute I started to earn my own money, I started my swatch collection. So far we have spent more than 15 happy years together and I didn’t regret it for a minute.

Definitive style

Story by Simon Duffy , New Zealand

Would love to see Swatch challenged to reinvent itself to win back its former mass popularity. At school these used to be the hippest watches around. Cheap enough to start a collection whilst retaining a definitive style that superseded more expensive brands. When Swatch let you see what was going on inside the watch, it…

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