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Starbucks is a large multinational chain of coffee shops founded in Seattle, USA in 1971.


Story by Wini Kesharani , Indonesia

Do you know the feeling when you’re having a truly bad day and suddenly you feel refreshed and ready to face the rest of your day? That’s what I think about Starbucks. For me, it’s my sanctuary. I can’t describe how much I love the smell of the coffee, the people, the noise, the sense…

My Time Machine

Story by Gabby Smith , United States

To me, Starbucks is so much more than a place to order a cup of coffee. Starbucks is my time machine, my home away from home, and my endless source of much needed caffeine. Stepping into a Starbucks will often give me an overwhelming sense of nostalgia, transporting me to when I was seven years…

Coffee is a must!

Story by Sean Wilson , United States

Starbucks became the place my friends and I would go to get coffee in between classes and we soon grew to know the barista quite well. I would walk in each day and say, “what should I try today?” It became not only a necessity for the caffeine, but an exciting experience trying out the…

The solution to where we should meet to catch up

Story by Eric Chung , United States

I’ve had so many conversations deciding where a friend and I should meet. We would always end up going to the local Starbucks because it was the only place I felt welcome. The ambiance made seeing old friends again less awkwardness.

Where there is a Starbucks, there I am a local

Story by Olga Chirkova

Two years ago I came back from my studies abroad in Rome, moved back at my parent’s and didn’t find a job yet. I was quite unhappy and a bit depressed. Nevertheless, I decided to move to a cheap city I didn’t really like. Later I found a job in my homecity. So I had…


Story by Nurlita Wulan Purnama Muhadu , Indonesia

I am a person who can not live without green tea. Wherever, whenever, and in any situation I always take my time to enjoy green tea. I used to think green tea tastes the same everywhere until I tried the green tea at Starbucks. I can’t express in words why I fell in love with…


Story by Anggrita Ghita , Indonesia

I really like Starbucks. I like the taste. It keeps me awake and helps me focus. I like the music and the decoration in the stores. No wonder Starbucks is the market leading coffee shop in Indonesia.

I commit my love to you, Starbucks!

Story by Natasha Lopulalan , Indonesia

Starbucks is like my lifetime partner. When i need coffee or maybe just an iced green tea latte, i’d go to Starbucks. I love everything about Starbucks! The drinks, cakes, baristas, services, oh! and not forget to mention the merchandises! Yes, it’s the place where I found Love ❤️

Who doesn’t love Starbucks?

Story by dinameidianti , Indonesia

I often spend time here working or seeking inspiration. Starbucks often provides interesting promotions to customers, which I really enjoy. Starbucks is the perfect place to indulge and taste very special coffee.

Cozy place

Story by kezia shintya , Indonesia

Starbucks is the best and most comfortable place to hangout with friends and just talk or chat. I really like hanging in Starbucks because it has complete facilities and creates a comfortable vibe for hanging around. I think Starbucks has the X factor that attracts visitors to come and visit. The atmosphere means I always feel comfortable…

Not an ordinary beverage

Story by stefanctw , Indonesia

When you buy coffee from Starbucks, you are not only buying an ordinary beverage but also experiencing the passion, loyalty, and personality of the brand.

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