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Star Wars

Star Wars is a series of science fantasy films created by writer/producer/director George Lucas.


Story by josse keyzer , Indonesia

Star wars filled my childhood with epic adventure into a vast space and guides me to do what i think is right “Ben Kenobi”, and i dream to be a team of star wars movie sequel so i can tell the young generation how awesome star wars is

I love my Star Wars

Story by Sean Wilson , United States

My favorite movie series! Ever since I was a kid I have been fascinated with each movie, and I am excited to see what the new Disney trilogy can bring.

Stormtrooper Love

Story by Gracia Sheila

I love Star Wars! I love Yoda, he is wise and kind. I also love the stormtroopers because they are so cool. They wear the best outfits and great helmets all in white.  

To me this little guy is the movie

Story by Alberto Rinon , Spain

Sorry guys, I just added a new Lovemark, which is Yoda. He deserves it. To me this little guy is the movie. His philosophy, understanding of good vs. evil, mastery of mind powers, vision of present and the future. Without him StarWars would be have just been another Star Trek, cool special FX but nothing…

Who can forget it?

Story by Kwai Sun Mah , Malaysia

My first memories of Star Wars are older than memories of my kindergarten. Now that I’m in the workforce, I still can’t resist getting a replica lightsaber for a princely sum. Who can forget it? Who doesn’t know it? So many truths in there. And being a Buddhist, it relates very much to my aspired…

Spiritual experience

Story by A. Marie , United States

Seeing this movie for the first time was like a spiritual experience for me. When I told someone this recently they said I must be crazy but I was shocked that not everyone felt as intensely as I did about Star Wars. First, I’d never seen special effects like that before and I really felt…

Love and loss

Story by Auriette Lindsey , United States

For me, “Star Wars” is not just a movie. It’s a myth, a message of hope and despair, love and loss, a war that’s worth fighting and a promise of peace. The universe George Lucas created transcends the confines of the theatre. It’s magic. And the toys are cool, too.

Size doesn't matter

Story by Todd Beatse , United States

Yoda embodies the side of right in the eternal quest of good versus evil. His simple philosophies show insightful and contemplative wisdom gleaned from centuries of discipline and study of truth. His stature is deceptive and proves that size does not matter. He is the personification of “Speak softly and carry a big stick!”

A believable fairy tale

Story by Kristine , Latvia

The movie which impressed by becoming better, by making us think about the idea of life and who we are in this world. Maybe it is only a fairy tale, but so true and believable.

You can't lose

Story by Angela Owen , United States

Love Star Wars, I do. Yoda Rules! Set the scene. Yoda is in an epic battle for the lives of all peoples. He throws down the cane, pulls out the light saber, and kicks some Dooku butt! The actors, scenes, characters, and music come together, add the genius of Geogre Lucas and you can’t lose.

Still with multiple generations

Story by Daryl Aim , New Zealand

Who can’t recall the opening credits, the music, the theme music from John Williams – Star Wars is Star Wars. Now thirty years on since the original movie this Lovemark is still with multiple generations of us and will continue to be so for generations to come.

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