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Snoopy is a cartoon dog from the comic strip Peanuts. Created by Charles M. Schulz, Snoopy features as Charlie Brown’s pet dog.

Wit and wisdom every child needs

Story by Tad Perryman , United States

Snoopy and the whole Peanuts gang. Been a collector for 37 of my 40 years on this planet. I have so many – I can’t count them. My childhood bedroom was professionally painted with comic strips (before it became the posh way to decorate a kid’s room) and life-size drawings of the peanuts gang, especially…

Definitely the brains

Story by Melanie Lahman , United States

I love Snoopy! Who else combines such round cuteness with gently biting wit and a historical mission? (“Curse you, Red Baron!”) When I went 2,500 miles away to college, my stuffed Snoopy and Woodstock came with me. At my wedding, Snoopy wore a tuxedo and a tag that said “Best Beagle”. I never understood why…

Positive, uplifting spirit

Story by Luise , Germany

Snoopy is one of my favourite cartoon characters because he is sooooooo cute and he has this positive, uplifting spirit about him. He is not violent like other cartoon characters, still he is incomparably funny! I love him and his friends!

Think warm fuzzies

Story by Yvette Shore , New Zealand

Think Snoopy. Think warm fuzzies. Snoopy engenders the most human emotions – affection and humour. We can relate to this little fellow and his quirky behaviour and he makes us feel good right through from his soft rounded body to his cheery optimism. You just can’t help the feeling when you think about Snoopy -…

Activates warm and positive feelings in me

Story by Seline , Netherlands

Snoopy appeals to both the child and the adult in me. His physiognomy (round shapes, big black nose) activates warm and positive feelings in me on a visceral level. Additionally, the humor and wit that Snoopy expresses in the Peanuts comic strip is very clever and recognizable, which activates a positive response on an intellectual…

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