Sniegaklubs is a website focused on Latvian snowboarding.

The best

Story by Karlis Biketnieks , Latvia

This is the best Latvian site. You can sell stuff there, you can talk to someone there and you can read the latest news in Latvian and world snowboarding.

.lv for love

Story by Ieva , Latvia

Jump in the mountains – it’s never the same but always gives me the feeling of flying and self fulfilment. And at sniegaklubs.lv I can jump in a community of a thousand like-minded friends! The season never ends!

A true passion

Story by Ilya Koshelev , Latvia

SniegaKlubs or SK as some guys call it in Latvia gives an opportunity for any person to join snowboard community and find out more about snowboard and snowboarding activities in our local scene, as well as, world wide. No commercial rubbish, just a true passion for snowboarding. Maybe we don’t have great mountains in Latvia,…

The season never ends

Story by Raimonds Bricis , Latvia

SniegaKlubs: That is the virtual space where hundreds of snowboarders meet. But it’s not only about the website. It’s about the philosophy, which unites snowboarders. It’s about the friendship. It’s about the fun. It’s about the enjoyment of snow. Stories and adventure. The season never ends as there will be always be snow somewhere in…

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