Smarties are colorful, sugar-coated chocolate confectionary produced by Nestle.

I do eat the red ones last

Story by K Wiggins , Canada

I do eat the red ones last. Smarties make me happy. The sound of the box when you shake it, bright colours, crunchy shells and milky chocolate – way better than M&Ms. Crunch. Crunch.

Back to childhood fantasies

Story by Lionel Du Plessis , South Africa

“Wotalotigot” – still one of the great brands associated with childhood – great ads too! (from way back when anyhow) – I remember fantasizing as a kid about how great it would be to be in those commercials surrounded by zillions of smarties.

Delightfully crispy shells

Story by h2meyer , United States

Delightfully crispy shells surrounding lucious chocolate. A million times better than similar confectionary based on colour alone. They are so yummy, especially the orange ones ( this is only true with the UK variety ) which have a hint of orange flavouring in the chocolate. I’ve adored these practically from my birth and it’s my…

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