Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a brand of craft beer first brewed by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in 1980.

A brand that thrives on a homegrown approach

Story by Bryce Hooton , United States

Sierra Nevada is more than a beer to me. It is home. I come from Chico, and have seen this company grow and loyalty follow among its consumers old and new alike. The taste is distinctive and refreshing. One of the things I have always respected is its lack of advertising. I believe if SN…

Certainly a part of my past

Story by Gary Stein , United States

Great. I went to school in Chico, so this beer is certainly a part of my past. Also, they have been long sponsors of domestic professional cycling, which I definitely appreciate.

This beer is a staple

Story by Jou-Yie Chou , United States

This beer is a staple – in much the same way Jameson Irish Whiskey is. Its an anchor that I can always go to and know that I am going to be satisfied with my choice. Sierra Nevada evokes memories of good friends with similar tastes enjoying good times after a fresh power day in…

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