Siemens Mobile

Siemens mobile phones were produced by Siemens AG. The company is now owned by the Taiwanese company BenQ.

Only Siemens "communicates" with me

Story by Zsolt Gramer , Romania

Among all the electronic things I have ever tried, only Siemens “communicates” with me. It is a lovemark not only because of that. Just analyze this! There does not exist, not even one, emotionally-linked category where Siemens is not be present. Siemens share`s life with you (in the kitchen, at work, in your sparetime, etc)….

Melody's to hum all day long

Story by Maria Georgieva , Bulgaria

I just couldn’t live without it any longer. My Siemens mobile telephone gives me all I really need out of a mobile device. An impressive array of gentle ring-tones to wake me up in the morning and other melody’s for me to hum all day long. Good features and of course, a cool design.

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