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Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan is Bollywood's most commercially successful and popular film star; having made more than 50 films and winning numerous awards.

Prince of Bollywood

Story by MichelleS , Indonesia

He was my childhood crush until now. He plays many roles and still has his trademark smile and the same way he winks his eye. He never betrays me, as a person and in the movie!

One of my role model

Story by Putu Agus , Indonesia

I have been a fan of Shah Rukh Khan for nearly 15 years. I remember when I was at Junior High School, I tried to look like him. I tried to follow the hairstyle of him, even I tried to dance like what he did in certain song such as phir bil dil hai hindustani,…

The sexiest man walking on earth!

Story by Shierly Nurtjahja , Indonesia

Shah Rukh Khan is the sexiest man ever created! His roles in Hindi movies always touch our heart (me and my mom really adore him). It’s not a Hindi movie if it’s not Shah Rukh Khan!!! We always watch some of his best movie over and over again and are still captivated by his acting.

I love Shah Rukh Khan

Story by alentamp , Indonesia

Shah Rukh Khan is a talented actor who has starred in many Bollywood movies. He is famous for his phenomenal movie, ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.’ He always acts a lot and is praised here and there by a lot of viewers who need to watch his movies more than once. What is presented by Shah…

Absolutely the very best

Story by Elsi

The magic of SRK’s face touches all hearts. Keep bringing out our emotions with the wonders you create on screen. You are absolutely the very best.

Touches people's hearts

Story by loveleen

Shah Rukh Khan is the most versatile actor in Bollywood. He never claims to be a great actor but through his acting touches billions of lives. He did roles early in his career that others were scared to do. Movies like ‘Darr’ and ‘Bazzigar’ proved his talent. The timeless love story ‘DDLG’ has become the…

Over-rated and hyped actor

Story by Annika , India

The most over-rated and hyped actor in Indian cinema! Repetitive and hamming…he does the same stuff over and over again. Most of his movies (with a few exceptions like Chak De India and Swades) are old wine in a new bottle. He keeps comparing himself to senior actors like Amitabh Bachchan just to hog limelight….

A complete role model

Story by vinna , Fiji

Shah Rukh Khan is inspirational. He has inspired me to become a better human being. He is a complete role model. His energy, intelligence, charm and love for everyone has completely changed my perception of what a good human being should be like. He is the best actor in the whole world. Thank you Mr…

Everything and beyond

Story by shahrukh1 , United States

Well its really hard to describe Shah Rukh. For me, he is everything and beyond. He is part of my life in a way. He brings so much joy into my life. To quote Vivek Oberoi, “Shahrukh Khan Is God”. To quote something that was said in Veer Zaara but Rani “Are they human pretending…

Never ceases to make me cry.

Story by idealist2007 , United States

I was never a fan of Shah Khan until I saw Devdas. As with all Bollywood movies, it’s a bit on the melodramatic side. However everytime I view it, it never ceases to make me cry.

He is in my heart forever

Story by asal aa , Iran, Islamic Republic of

Shah Rukh is the best for ever and ever. I love him to till death. He is wonderful and really the artist. He is in my heart forever.

More about popularity than acting

Story by Elizabeth V , Canada

Shah Rukh Khan is the most ingratiating of actors Bollywood ever produced. He has marvelled at the superstardom of Rajesh Khanna but more so even about that thespian’s command of acting. Shah Rukh Khan is a popular actor throughout the masses of the world. Possibly the most popular India ever produced, but it is a…

You're a wizard

Story by Anonymous

It’s 3 years since I saw you on German TV and at the Temptation in Germany. Now I have seen all your movies. I have seen a lot of other movies, with different actors too, but no one could touch me so as you do. Maybe because with them I don’t have the life experience which I…

I love all his characters he plays

Story by Haarsha Balraj , South Africa

Shah Rukh Khan, The King Khan as he is known, is a simple, loving, caring individual. I I love his movies and because of his persona, I love all his characters he plays. Keep up the good work!

You are the BEST!

Story by Satia Nisha , Bangladesh

Nothing to say more – you are the BEST! In your every step, every movie, every style, you always prove. you are the King of Bollywood and scores of fans all over the world! All the best wishes forever for you and your sweetest family. I just love you, your personality and your cute family.

I just adore him for what he is

Story by rukiah , Singapore

He is a mega star and the most famous man in the world. I just adore him for what he is, humble, patient, comical, honest and brilliant. A great entertainer and I love watching him dance on TV and movies. I see his movies everyday and what can I say, his performances are marvellous, unique!!…

My heart desires

Story by Cherish Harp , United States

I don’t know how to explain myself because this man is worth more than words. He is the King Of All Men and everyone knows that. After watching his movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai back in ’99, I already knew that if I learnt anything about love, it was because of Shah Rukh Khan. It’s…

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