Sanfaustino is a brand of calcium enriched water produced in Umbria, Italy.

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I love the packaging for Sanfaustino!

Story by Sora , United States

I love the packaging for Sanfaustino! Its elegant shape and old world labeling add to the whole experience! Also it isn’t overly gassy like San Pelligrino, making it perfect to go with meals.

Getting the calcium I need as a bonus

Story by Abbey , United States

My doctor recommended that I drink Sanfaustino for the calcium so I thought it would taste bad. Boy, was I wrong! I’ve replaced all my bottled water with Sanfaustino and offer it liberally to my guests. It is a great drinking water in a beautiful glass bottle. I’m getting the calcium I need as a…

Can’t get enough of it

Story by Jack Stevens , United States

Exactly right! This is hands-down the best water that I have ever tasted. Can’t get enough of it. Besides, we could all use a little more calcium in our diet.

I'm hooked on Sanfaustino

Story by Paul , United States

I never thought I could be addicted to water – but I’m hooked on Sanfaustino. It’s not too bubbly, but it’s not flat either. It’s totally gulpable. But the best part is that Sanfaustino is loaded with natural Calcium and other minerals. And it comes from the source like that! Amazing. Drink it chilled and…

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