Samsung is a Korean brand of consumer electronics. The company was founded in 1938 by Lee Byuing-chui and has its headquarters in South Korea.

This Is What I Need

Story by bimo satrio , Indonesia

I used to hate android a lot and samsung as well. But then my roomate bought one of the samsung phones and I tried it a couple times, and I just realized that this is the phone that I’ve been looking for. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be good. It gives me the…

My Lovely Note

Story by Charlotte Kesaulya , Indonesia

Even since the birth of the Samsung Galaxy Note, every time someone mentions the word “note”, I don’t think of a notepad, instead all I think about is this. Talk about top of mind!

The 'Smart' Smartphone

Story by Irene , Indonesia

I’ve been using Samsung S3 since last year and I find this phone really nice! I love how it looks, thin and elegant. It was also the first phone released with S Beam. Using S Beam is so much better than bluetooth. You can transfer files through your phone less in 5 minutes and it…

Perfect technology

Story by Evi Juniati

Samsung can help me everytime I’m bored. I can play games and when I am doing my homework I can browse using Samsung. Samsung has perfect technology, the gadget is multiplayer. The Samsung Television is very good. We can watch our favorite movie, and Samsung TV can connect to wifi and then we can watch…

Leader of technology

Story by Gabriella Tera

Samsung is the leader of technology. Samsung gives the best features for every user. This smartphone makes our life more simple and every smart person should use Samsung!

Best communication

Story by felix lidwino , Indonesia

I don’t know why, but from straight away I knew Samsung was for me. I knew that it would fit with me, and its true. Samsung have made my best communication gadgets.

Leader of technology

Story by Gabriella Tera

Samsung is the leader of technology for the future. I love samsung with all their features. Samsung is the simple way to make your life happier, and smart people use Samsung.

Smart Gadgets, Great Ideas

Story by Sassa , Indonesia

My latest gadget is a Samsung and it is so chic, functional and suits all my needs. For a gadget this good, the price is also very good meaning that everyone can have a smart phone. Smart gadgets, great ideas.   

Nothing compares to Samsung

Story by Orville Lambert , Indonesia

Nothing compares to Samsung. Because of you I can contact my mom everyday, because of you I can watch the news on TV. I’m proud to use this product. Samsung is my first mobile and it will be my last.

Satisfying Samsung

Story by Sylvia JF , Indonesia

I have been using this product for three years and I love the style of it. It is so simple to use which makes it very satisfying.  

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