Rolex is a Swiss manufacturer of luxury wristwatches and accessories. The company was first established in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis.

Just so beautiful to look at

Story by Beijinglaoda

Some people buy a Rolex just to show off, which is silly considering its absolutely ridicious price. They can simply buy a replica from China on eBay or Taobao which looks exactly the same and costs only 0.2% of the real one. I bought my Daytona 116523G because the 4130 caliber is best of the…

I will keep it for life

Story by drb , Italy

I got a Rolex Turn-O-Graph “Steel and White-Gold” for my graduation. Since then I have never ever worn another watch. It’s elegant and sporty, you can wear with a suit or with a pair of jeans. It’s perfect everytime. I love it and I will keep it for life…together with other Rolex, obviously!

It's a Submariner, what else?

Story by Ignacio Guitart , Spain

The first contact with the brand was very early because my parents both wear a Rolex. But the definitive hit was when I saw Sean Connery playing James Bond role, waering a Submariner. I said to myself that one day I will own that watch. My wife gave it to me when we promised. True, it…

Has not left my wrist for the last 20 years

Story by Jean Manuel Guyader , France

In 1973 I saw a watch I really liked on the wrist of a friend. I asked him what make it was and my friend looked at me as if I came from Mars. Compassionately, he said “a Rolex”. Since that day I have worn no other watch but a Rolex. The one I currently…

Wouldn't trade it

Story by Dora Fang , United States

After going through (breaking) 4 Seikos in 3 years, I knew exactly what I wanted my College graduation present to be. I thought of Rolex not only because of their beauty, functionality, and prestige, but also because of their durability. You hear about people inheriting their grandparent’s Rolex. So if it’s tough enough to last…

Not only about telling the time

Story by Niloofar Zandian , United States

Of course Rolex is reliable, solid, durable, elegant and beautiful. But all the Rolex owners know that with Rolex it is not only about telling the time, it is a label of luxury you carry on your wrist. It feels good to wear and to look at, it is so original. I love my Rolex,…

I do love my rolex

Story by Mikel Sesena , United Kingdom

I do love my Rolex. It is a beautiful yet durable and reliable watch. It comes with me anywhere, to balls, to work, diving, skiing, swimming. The only time I left it behind it was stolen – I bought exactly the same model again.

Opinion on quality

Story by Gary , Hong Kong

In my humble opinion the focus of Rolex might be more on brand building rather than watchmaking. I think it is because Rolex pays less attention to watchmaking details that they are able to turn out so many watches a year. Most other top Swiss watch brands have a much, much smaller production number because…

Attention to detail

Story by David George , New Zealand

It’s said that Wilsdorf dreamed up the word Rolex while riding a London bus, having been inspired by the sound a watch makes as it is wound. Validation came in 1914, when London’s Kew Observatory certified a Rolex wristwatch to be as precise as a marine chronometer. It was the first time that a watch…

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