Red Cross

The Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief and education around the world.

Not one would fail to be impressed!

Story by Elle Fagan , United States

The more I knew them the more I loved them. Red Cross is good. Paid and volunteer with them in 2 wars and Y2K, in US only, and on call for Saudi at ODS. I offer some of my art for their benefit always, because they are good. I just wish each person could spend…

Making a Lovemark on the world

Story by Cynthia Dickeson , United States

For over 125 years the American Red Cross has been out in the field, literally assisting millions of people in desperate times of need for basic human essentials. But the most fascinating aspect of this organization is the fact that it is carried by millions of nameless volunteers who step-up and out at a moments…

They leave their Lovemark wherever they go

Story by Colleen Goldrick , United States

In my search for things that have moved me on the site, I was surpised not to find one that has helped so many people all over the world. The Red Cross is always there in a crisis and we have too many of them these days. I’d like to add such a wonderful organization…

No matter what happens, they're there

Story by Sally Betteridge , United Kingdom

The Red Cross is one of those organisations you can’t not support. No matter what happens, they’re there. World War 2, the Tsunami, anything and everything. The immense strength they signify is astounding, and humbling too.

I'm honored to wear it.

Story by Heather , United States

I wore a Red Cross in the Middle East recently. Locals would come up to me, touch the symbol, and trace a Crescent in the air questioningly. The Red Cross and Red Crescent movement is one of the few universally recognized, universally trusted organizations on Earth. Iraqis expressed sympathy to me when the International Red…

My Lovemark is the American Red Cross

Story by Chris Johnson , United States

My Lovemark is the American Red Cross. For over 120 years this symbol of trust and support in time of disaster has not wavered. To have an organization where 95% of the work accomplished is done through volunteers is amazing. And these volunteers get up and respond to the need at two in the morning…

Love it back

Story by Gustavo Padilla , Mexico

It´s one of the only ‘brands’ in the world that loves you back. And I think almost everyone has a personal history with it, everyone that has been in an accident, a family member, a friend, or even an entire country. The Red Cross was there, helping people. So my history regarding this loved brand…

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