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Rebecca St. James

Rebecca St. James is an Australian Grammy-winning Christian pop rock singer, songwriter and author.

The members of the community

Story by Paul Little , United States

The RSJames.com website did not encourage anyone to spam here. They (and when I say ‘they’ I mean the members of the community) only said if you support RSJ, to vote for her. There even was a message from the RSJames.com management saying that there would be no more lovemarks discussion, and that Rebecca St….


Story by RoseMarie Morgan , United States

I think that any site that encourages the people who visit it to spam (which is like vote tampering) other nominated sites is a bad site. I was told recently that Rebecca is supposed to be a religious woman, too. Who (especially a person supposedly devoted to GOD) would think that was a just and…

Faith and loyality

Story by Brent Nycz , United States

According to the actual website: “Lovemarks reach your heart as well as your mind, creating an intimate, emotional connection that you just can’t live without. Ever” and “Put simply, Lovemarks inspire ‘Loyalty Beyond Reason'”. That’s why I’ve made this comment. Her music has touched me and changed my life and my faith and my loyalty…

A passion and drive

Story by Rebekah , United States

Rebecca St. James is the total bomb! She’s got a passion and a drive for God like none I’ve seen! I remember the very first RSJ song I ever heard and where I was – that song was God! Now I own every CD she has and hope to some day meet her in person!…

Full of RSJ pictures

Story by Michelle Hartwell , United States

Rebecca St. James is awesome! She’s my favorite christian singer and my room is full of RSJ pictures! Her music is so inspiring! When I’m in a really depressed mood her music brings me out of it. She’s a great role model and a great example of how a christian should live!

Lighten up

Story by Spencer Spadey , Australia

Some people look, but do not see. Rebecca is up there because her fans, true believers one and all, are trying to help you see. If only you could stop to smell the flowers instead of trying to dissect them and analyse them and put them under your rational microscope. She is pointing your microscope…

Like other Pop stars

Story by Raymond , United States

Rebecca St James is a true woman of God. What incredible vocals! I just hope fame and fortune don’t ruin her like other Pop stars. God bless you Rebecca!

Not about winning

Story by Julianna Price , United States

I agree! Rebecca is a great artist and I love her music. But the campaign that the RSJ Forum has put on has been a little ridiculous. I also know for a fact that Rebecca would not want people that do not know her well to view her as the type that really cares about…

RSJ - DQ or not DQ?

Story by Charlie Stone , New Zealand

I listened to her too… not bad, although she sounds like a cross between Toni Childs and Phil Collins. Richard from Canada is right! I checked out the RSJ online forum, and people are coaching others on a negative voting strategy. I move that all members receiving the community newsletter should put her disqualification as…

A real perspective

Story by Wayne Patrick , Australia

Don’t get me wrong, all you Rebecca St. James fans, I have listened to her music and it’s pretty good. You’re right, she does have something special that other Christian singers lack, a real perspective. But to see her keep on tracking faithfully at number 2 to JC himself on lovemarks.com is getting a bit…


Story by Jennifer Clarkson , United States

When I lost my father over a year ago Rebecca St James’ music really helped me to get over this. For that I am grateful.

Blessed from humble beginnings

Story by Chris , United States

Rebbecca is the best Christian artist to date. I’m reminded that she has been blessed from humble beginnings. If we all had her passion. She Rocks Out!


Story by Kim , United States

Rebecca St. James is, not only an amazing musician, but also an awesome role for woman of all ages in the world today. She may cover some of the same things that “generic” Christian musicians cover, but you’d have to see her in person to understand her passion and love for God. Her stand for…

A breath of fresh air

Story by Jason , United States

Rebecca is a breath of fresh air in a drowning world. She isn’t ashamed to stand up for the truth, and it shows. She speaks up on issues that most people stray away from. For example, purity, modesty, etc…..the list goes on. Rebecca, I salute you!

His voice

Story by Tavier , United States

In a world literally rumbling with the instability of compromised commitment, false claims of truth, no set standards, immorality running rampant, and ringing with lies belched from the pit, Rebecca stays strong, craving just Jesus. Speaking his Word and holding out his light, she urges us on to run with perseverance, be bold, not care…

Cloak and dagger, under the table behaviour...

Story by Richard Blane , Canada

I certainly don’t doubt that this girl has talent. I actually went and listened to some of her music due to the testimonials given by her fans here. Not really my bag I’m afraid. There are thousands of other generic Christian pop artists just like her. Perhaps the only thing that sets her apart from…

We don't love sin, we love the sinner

Story by Tavier , United States

Okay, for clarification, someone labeled the topic below me wrong. She’s not saying she loves Britney for her music or who she is, she’s saying she loves her the way Christ does and wants her to come to the Truth. We don’t love sin, but we love the sinner.

I love Britney Spears

Story by Courtney Bradford , United States

Okay, if you people are voting against rebecca because of her recent comments concerning Britney Spears this is very sad. I would never hunt out Britney to vote against her. This is dispicable. Sadly, on this site hate may seem to triumph over the love of Christ but all-in-all that is impossible. What is popularity…

Keep shining

Story by Tavier Dixiegirl , United States

Hey mates! One question – who’s hating?! Mercy day! How can you knock our gal? She rocks for Jesus! Keep shining girlfriend! Keep voting, fans, and tell your friends to vote too.

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