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Rani Mukherjee

Rani Mukherjee is an award-winning film actress. She is one of the most successful Bollywood actresses in India.

So sweet and cute

Story by syifaa , Malta

I love Rani Mukherjee, she’s so sweet and cute. I love to see her act with Shah Rukh Khan, together they make a cute, sweet great couple. I love all her films. She’s very talented as an actor, and she’s even growing better each day. Her performance in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna was awesome. Personally…

Queen of Bollywood

Story by SABINA , United Kingdom

I love Rani so much. I can go on and on how amazing she is. Rani is the true Queen of Bollywood. She is simply the best. The best actress of 2006!

You are the soul of your films

Story by leela limbu , United Kingdom

Rani I love you and all the films that you have worked in. You make the film worth watching and you are the soul to the film. I just want to see you for once. I know one day I will. Rani keep on doing great films and we will keep on watching them. 3…

A unique gem

Story by Amrita Bheem , Trinidad and Tobago

Oh my god! Rani you are the best which I guess no other actress can test. I have never seen anything and anyone like you. You are a unique gem. I have a collection of all the movies you starred in. I so like you that if I have a daughter I will name her…

Acting is in her blood

Story by foz bano , Fiji

Rani is the best actress and best sis one can have. Infact I wish I could just once see her and talk to her in reality. Acting is in her blood; there is no one born to beat her. She is always the one keep going.

A legend in the making

Story by Rajna Khatun , United Kingdom

Love Rani! She is the best actress Bollywood has right now and she has proven that by winning all the major awards last year. She definitely deserves to be the queen of Bollywood without a shadow of a doubt. Just take a look at all the different roles she has done from BnB-Black,Hum Tum-Veer Zaara,Yuva-The…

Her work speaks for herself

Story by Shamez , Canada

Rani is really the queen of hearts! I am glad she is getting success as she deserves it. Have been her dearest fan for a long time. Am glad she is bagging all the awards as she is the best actress in Bollywood. As Rani says, her work speaks for herself: Black, B&B, Paheli, Saathiya,…

What I love about Rani

Story by Runa B , United Kingdom

What I love about Rani is that: 1. She is very talented just look how amaizing she was in Black 2. Very beautiful, amazing smile and killer eyes to dye for 3. Warm and friendly 4. Has amazing chemistry with all her co-stars 5. Always putting her family first before everything 6. Respects and loves…

No words can describe such a miracle as she!

Story by M Bhanda , United Kingdom

Oh my God, Rani Mukerji is just simply the best! There are no other words that can describe Rani. The whole dictionary would fall short in describing her because no words can describe such a miracle as she! She’s the perfect actress, the perfect human being. Everything about her is just so good. She’s so…

She is simply the best

Story by Sm Ali , Somalia

Rani is the best in Bollywood. I love Rani. She is a fantastic actress in Bollywood today. I like her movies like Black, Veer Zaara, Chalte Chalte, Bunty aur Babliy. I love it when she works with my favourite actor the King Khan and Aamri Khan and Salman Khan. Rani has a beautiful smile. Also…

Rani can act amazing on screen

Story by Jaz , United Kingdom

Rani is the Queen B of Bollywood. I love her so much and she has improved so much over the past years that she has shown everyone that she is the queen. Black has shown it. Also celebs from the film industry and around the world love her as their fav actress, such as SRK…

Makes any movie worth watching

Story by Anonymous

As others have commented, Rani is the Queen of Hearts, she is an excellent performer, and absolutely beautiful and like many I idolize her as well. She is indeed the queen of Bollywood and the queen of our hearts. She makes any movie worth watching so long as she is in it.

Now the best actress in India

Story by Miyase , Germany

I like Rani really much! She is a great actress and I like to see her with buddie Shah Rukh. She is a very sweet person and I think she is now the best actress in India. I’ve seen Black and it was a fantastic film. This film was very good. I hope she is…

She has made a definite impact on modern cinema

Story by John Marie , United States

Rani is absolutely the most amazing actress in India today. The most talented, and perhaps the most beautiful, she has made a definite impact on modern cinema and in the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. She is an inspiration to me, as an actress, and her natural talent shines out as the most brilliant…

She is the only one that I care about

Story by Hilary Parker , Canada

I love Rani. She is my idol! I just think she is an amazing person. I love her acting and I totally worship her. Even though I am a Russian, I have seen many Hindi movies, and from all the ones that I have seen she is the one that sticks out to me. She…

Angels come in all different ways

Story by Aman K. , United States

I’ve seen an angel. She is the one. I have been a fan of her’s since her very first movie in RKAB up till now. I feel as though she is very close to me and have gotten to know her better and better as the years go by. Short she may be, but that…

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