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Porsche is a German manufacturer of sports cars, founded in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche, the engineer who created the first Volkswagen.

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Grinning Ear to Ear

Story by Craig Trames , United States

I’ve dreamt of having a Porsche 911 since my best friends dad took me and him for a ride in his in 1976. It seemed fitting that I should finally have my own to celebrate both the 911 and myself turning 50 last year. Few things give me more pleasure on an on-going basis. Every…

Amazing happiness

Story by Bdude , United States

Just purchased my first Porsche this summer. 911 Cabriolet 4S, triple black. Amazing the amount of happiness she provides.


Story by DB , United States

I had a 1979 Porsche 928 and it was an outstanding car. The only bad thing was that a baby seat would not fit in the back seat! I still miss its V-8 burble, its instantaneous acceleration, its precise handling, and the safe, cocoon-like feeling it gave you.

Functional yet supremely desirable

Story by Neil Perkin , United Kingdom

I think the Porsche 911 is a design classic which lasted in its basic form for over 30 years yet still manages to be top of its class. Functional yet supremely desirable. Great engineering combined with great design. Great drive, great brand. And it’s unique – there’s nothing quite like it.

I couldn't beleive that I sold it...

Story by Ahmed , United Arab Emirates

Never thought I would own one some day, but finally, I did… Then, after a long relationship I couldn’t beleive that I sold it. Not even two weeks had passed until I began to look for another Porsche.

The best noise

Story by Frank , Belgium

As a kid my agenda was full of Porsche pictures from news papers. Now I am the proud owner of the same one as in my agenda, but in real metal. Dreams can come through. It’s even better, as it makes the best noise of the whole world.

The lifestyle that is me

Story by costas georgallides , Cyprus

I do not yet own the 911 but one day I will. It is the car of my dreams, it is the lifestyle that is me, it is the design that I love. It is the status of success that you get when you own one.

My baby

Story by Shelley Cowling , United Kingdom

MY 911 Turbo is my baby. If you live in a cramped city like London, don’t buy a dog buy a Porsche instead. And when your faithful Porsche breaks down or starts to look a little dog-eared, just trade it on for another one. Now I’ve had a Porsche I’ll never go back…

Makes Harleys sound like toys

Story by Bryan Russell , South Africa

I have had a Porsche 928S4 for 3 years now and, not only is it the only car with a J-Lo back end, it is the most under-rated and magic secret I have ever driven. This after having had a BMW 333, a 735, a 740 and I still have a Lotus Europa and a…

Look and listen

Story by Rick Lawrence , United Kingdom

Some things just make you smile. Getting into a car in the morning to start your hour long, 14 mile, commute to work, isn’t one of them. My answer: Get a Porsche. Look and listen – beautiful.

Roadside service

Story by Michelle Subrizi , United States

It’s true Porsche is a great car. And I love my Boxter like a child. But, here’s the really cool thing no one ever talks about. What if your Porsche breaks down? And what if it breaks down along the desert road between Barstow, CA and Las Vegas, NV? I’ll tell you what happened: Porsche…

One of the few that appreciates in value

Story by Bryan Russell , South Africa

The most underestimated car in South Africa is the 928; the business man’s express, as used by the mechanics in the Stuttgart factory, one of the few car’s that appreciates in value. Also the the only one with a J-Lo back end!!

To heaven and back

Story by Jeana , New Zealand

This car is not just for the boys… The 911 is a love affair also had by many women and my 911 Carrera Cabriolet can take me to heaven and back when I’m driving her….. mmmmmmmm zzzzzzzzzzooooooooommmmmmmmm

Love at 100 miles per hour

Story by Todd Stillwell , United States

The distinct purr of the engine identifies it’s a Porsche without even seeing the vehicle. The car is an extension of your body going 100 mph, but in this case you have total control. Like a beautiful woman, you love her, yet you know danger lurks around the corner – but it’s how you take…

Stood the test of time

Story by Karen Mokrzycki , United States

My husband loves cars, used to draw them as a child but wasn’t encouraged to continue. His respect for great automobiles continues however and he loves the Porsche. The car, and my husband, have stood the test of time.

More than A to B

Story by Celeste Lindell , United States

I always had a very utilitarian view of driving… until the first time I drove a Porsche. The Porsche I own now may not be brand new, but it makes driving so much more than “Point A to Point B.” Even a trip to the grocery store is a thrill in my 944S.

Three simple numbers and one magic word

Story by David Hawksworth , United Kingdom

There it stands, poised on four of the most beautifully crafted alloy legs. Power, dressed in metal and shrouded in a cloak of silken beauty. Its muscular form grips the tarmac as the lines flow gracefully over its flared haunches before tapering off to a tail decorated by three simple numbers and one magic word……

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