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Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II reigned as the pope of the Catholic Church for 27 years until his death; making his the third-longest reign in Roman Catholic history.

A terrific leader

Story by Laura Kammermann , United States

He was incredible person who spread his morals and shared his beliefs because of his position he was suppose to. He was an amazing man, an amazing Pope, and a terrific leader. He tried to combine all denominations and have an understanding and respect for all faiths. He supported the youth of the world and…

A lot of heart

Story by Arizbi , United States

He is one of the most noble man that I think ever walked on Earth. He is a person that can not be forgotten just because he is no longer with us. His heart and legacy will always remain with us. He was not afraid of change and all he did was for the best….

His picture in my room always smiles!

Story by Fabrizio Rossi , Italy

Pope John Paul II was one of the greatest men of our times. Maybe I love this Pope more then usual because I’m Roman, so I had the priviledge to see him, listen to him and appreciate him many times. His picture in my room always smiles! Thank you for all, dear father, and rest…

Is this really Christian

Story by John , Barbados

This Pope has failed in curbing the most deadly plague of the 20th century: AIDS. By preventing people from using condoms, he is directly responsible of the death of thousands of Christians who do have faith. Moreover, I don’t think that a man should be published on a website such as Lovemarks: Is this really…

We will look back...

Story by Dan , United States

JP II is a man’s man. He’s a great shepherd trying to help many, many lost sheep. Strong yet loving. Disciplined yet caring. Love, truth, order, sacrifice, obedience – most of us don’t get it….and it shows. Hate, fear, greed, violence, self-centeredness rule the day all over the world. We will look back after he…

An overwhelming responsibility

Story by Lode , Belgium

This guy must be responsible for about as many deaths as Hitler. Maybe not right now, but in a few years time thousands, nay, millions of AIDS-victims will die because of a lack of, or just plain wrong education on STDs and condoms. The Pope and his office bear an overwhelming responsibility for this disaster…

I do think extremely well of the man

Story by Vysion , United States

I must speak regarding Pope John Paul II. The oddly few comments (being #1 in votes with barely a page of comments) seem to speak of the man, but little of his office as Pope. Personally, I do not recognize that office’s authority. That’s an entirely different discussion. However, I do think extremely well of…

A former catholic

Story by G , Australia

Religion is a weapon of mass destruction. No condoms in a mobile society, utter maddness. A great way to kill off all those ‘others’ in 3rd world countries. What about spreading the wealth from the GEC stocks to the poor. As a former catholic who read some history, this is a mark for deception, and…

Like the signpost

Story by Margaret , Poland

John Paul II is like the signpost. He is so full of Life and Love. I can’t imagine the world without Him. I know it will happen someday, but on that day the world will not be the same.

Sight unseen

Story by Felix , United States

The Pope is so cool. He is a good example of a man of Christ. There are few people today who are truly faithful to what they can’t even see.

Always willing to forgive

Story by Victoria , United States

He is an incredible man. Who stands true to what he believes in. And is always willing to forgive. He will take a bullet from someone who he has no clue about and doesn’t hold any grudges whatsoever, will even help the man sort through his anger.

Breaking down barriers

Story by Jan Mosiejczuk , Poland

The Man who has been constantly extending God’s presence on the planet and proving how Love, Faith, Will and Determination can influence reason in breaking down barriers, walls, boundaries, systems, personalities. Holiness and righteousness on Earth among living, love and devotion to people and their beliefs. His call for understanding among human souls and minds…

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