Playmobil is a German brand of toys produced by the Brandstatter Group.

A great big Lovemark!

Story by Debby Marindin , United States

Creative, happy, imaginative and content is what you will find your children of 5-12 when they are playing with Playmobil toys. I can’t say enough about not only the durability of the toys themselves, but the durability and longevity of the years that my children have played with these wonderful toys that inspire their imaginations and…

Invoked beautiful histories

Story by Maria D , Greece

Playmobil was my favourite toy as a child… it helped me to cultivate my creativity, my imagination and my inventiveness. I remember that my friends and I played for many hours and invoked beautiful histories. And I do not believe that this toy is only for children….!!

The coolest toy

Story by Guillaume Rigal , United States

As a kid, it was the coolest toy. So many hours of fun, creativity, great stories, adventures, and much more. Inside, outside, with friends or family.

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