PlayerLayer is a company which manufactures personalised performance sports clothing.

Comfortable, stylish and practical

Story by Charlie

Having purchased both a baselayer and the revolutionary weather hoodie, I can say I’m delighted with both. The former is clearly high quality and I love the fact you can have it personalised. The latter is such a great innovation, and I’ve used it both on the hockey pitch and around university. It’s very comfortable,…

Spot on!

Story by Oli Clements

I just bought one of the Weather Hoodie’s as my brother uses the Player Layer kit at school…have barely taken it off! I’m a student and wear it out pretty much everywhere, keeps me dry but feels like a fleece hoodie, spot on!

Can't wait to wear it!

Story by Ralph

PlayerLayer! I think this brand just started entering the Netherlands because I saw some big players in field hockey playing with it! Looked really innovative and the extra thing was the customization, which made it look really refreshing and new in the market of ‘seccond skin’ products. Just ordered a few PlayerLayer products. Can’t wait…

I still wear them

Story by Ed

I was at boarding school just outside London and we got our sports kit from PlayerLayer. I still wear some of my old rugby shirts and training tops on holiday and it’s great that people see them and ask me if I know someone who used to go to my school. It’s also nice to…

No more risky undies!

Story by Carl

My sports underwear used to get mixed up in the team laundry. Very annoying. I tried writing my name on it but it always washes off. Now I’ve got my name printed on everything at PlayerLayer and no more risky undies!

One to watch!

Story by Grant Oliver

I’ve bought a few things from PlayerLayer, I know they are fairly new but I think they seem to be full of fresh ideas. One to watch!

The best baselayer on the market

Story by Andrew Grant

My club PlayerLayer provides me with the extra warmth, dryness and compression fit to increase my sporting performance. Because of the customisation I feel and look part of a uniformed and professional team. I have also personalised mine to make it completely unique to me. The best baselayer on the market.

Up there with the best

Story by DL

Got my personalised baselayer nearly 12 months ago and love it…Been wearing baselayers for the last 5 years and this is right up there with the best of them. Not only that but they have been a pleasure to deal with (other suppliers please take note). Already looking forward to your teamwear guys!!!!

Love the tops

Story by Darren g

Love the tops. Found them through an email from school. I bought some of the tops for skiing this year, they performed well and had the kids names on!

Changed my sporting life at school

Story by Sam Mann

I got my first PlayerLayer top when I was at school a year ago and, whilst it sounds like a simple idea, it changed my sporting life at school. No more of those winter days spent shivering on a freezing rugby pitch and no more time spent trying to play hockey with freezing cold hands!…

Unbelievable quality

Story by Fox47

PlayerLayer makes customised and personalised sports underwear. It is used by most private schools in the UK, as well as many pro sports teams. It is unbelievable quality and you can have your own name on it. For many who went to these schools it is one of the happy memories of happy days The…

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