Playboy was founded by Hugh Hefner in 1953.

A symbol of hedonism

Story by Gayle Dickson , New Zealand

I’m female, and even I know the legend behind the Playboy empire. I understand the pull of the name when it comes to men, their desires, their passions, their dreams. Mind you, even for some women, Playboy is an “ultimate” – how glorious to be able to say “I made the cover of Playboy” -…

Loyalty with interest

Story by Patrick Blackburn , New Zealand

Playboy and the Playboy Bunny have been around for decades and have become an icon for adult entertainment in media (print & film) and for bars and clubs. When I see the Playboy Bunny it inspires my loyalty probably more out of interest in its creator Hugh Hefner and in the (um) product that he…

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