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Pixar Animation Studios is an award-winning computer animation studio based in California, USA. It is best known for its animated feature films - Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Cars.

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Unpredictable stories

Story by Nathalia Gunarian , Indonesia

Pixar is a really great animation studio. I have watched all Pixar movies over the years and there was not a single one I did not find exciting. Pixar’s unpredictable stories fuel my curiosity towards all stories out there.


Story by Jessica Tjhin , Indonesia

I completed my childhood with movies from this production. My favourite is called BUGS LIFE! I still watch it sometimes.

Best Animation Studio

Story by jovita zhang , Indonesia

Pixar are definitely the best animation studio. They have made my childhood complete since I was a kid. I always look out for new movies by them. Thanks Pixar!  

Finding Nemo and Monsters

Story by jesslynamabel , Indonesia

Pixar. Who doesn’t love it? They make a lot of great animations. The one I really loved was Monster Inc. and Finding Nemo. I can’t wait for the next ones. 

Makes every story look real

Story by yessica ade , Indonesia

Pixar can make every story look real. I never skip Pixar’s films; from Toy Story 1 and 2, A Bug’s Life, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, Cars, The Incredibles, Wall E, and Up. I always watch Pixar’s film more than twice, collect the DVD and download the soundtrack. The CGI animation is the best for me. Wall E is minimalist…

Getting better and better

Story by cheerz82

Getting better and better. Just when I thought that The Incredibles was a fantastic film, along came Ratatouille, which I thought was a masterpiece. And when I thought Pixar couldn’t do better than that, along came Wall-E, one of the most touching, sweet, poetic films ever.

Pixar makes this dad very happy

Story by paul smith , United Kingdom

Sitting with my 5 year old yesterday and seeing her laugh and then me joining in. The joy in her face was amazing. Pixar makes an old 46yr old designer and dad very happy.

Working at Pixar would be heaven for me

Story by Gustavo G. Forster , Brazil

Ok. This one is a big deal for me. When I first saw Toy Story I really didn’t believe that was CG. I already liked CG, but Pixar made me fall in love with it. I’m studying animation like crazy because of Pixar. I try so hard, even knowing that I live in Brazil, where…

Fantasia...That was animation!

Story by Chris Green , United States

No, no, no. What is it about cartoons? Walt Disney said he created cartoons for film for those times when a camera just can’t show people doing things becau’se the activities are beyond reailty. – Paraphrasing – Pixar is safe and boring. Stop the animation. Go out and meet people. Taste real loss, blood, love,…

Top, top notch

Story by Marianne , United States

Who doesn’t love Pixar? Their movies are top, top notch – well written, family friendly and amazingly produced. They stand up to often repeated watchings without losing their magic. Instant classics.

The genius

Story by Edith Jenkins , United States

Okay, those fish are the coolest characters ever created. I am a fish fanatic who spends her days sculpting and painting my own homage to everything that swims. I love Pixar for the genius which goes into everything they do!

Nothing but Pixar

Story by David Wagner , Canada

Pixar is great! Our two-year-old daughter will hardly watch anything else. We have tried other movies and animated features but it has to be Toy Story (1 and 2), Monsters Inc., A Bug’s Life or Finding Nemo as far as she’s concerned. We’re so glad she likes Pixar not Barney or Teletubbies because we can…

Bring on the new Disney

Story by Steve Davies , New Zealand

How is it that every film they produce is enjoyed by both children & adults alike and become box office record smashers ? It’s a joy to be able to appreciate all of the talent that goes into producing one of these Computer Animated Movies. Bring on the new Disney!

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