Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul is an American pop singer, record producer, dancer, choreographer, actress and television personality. She was a judge on hit TV series American Idol for 8 years.

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Paula is still an inspiration

Story by RON AGEE , United States

Although I have never met Paula, I am very grateful to her for pulling me through some difficult times in my life as a teen and young adult. Thank you so much. Paula is still an inspiration and I look forward to her new work.

Keep doing what you have to do to be happy

Story by Kory White , United States

Paula, I personally can relate with you on your neurological pain. I had surgery removing the discs c4-c6 and replacing them with cadavers and a plate. After thirteen months and the doctor telling me everything was ok and that I was depressed I found another doctor who re-did the surgery two weeks later. It’s been…

My idol

Story by Bri , United States

Paula Abdul has inspired my life in so many ways. She is an amazing person inspiring many peoples’ lives around the world. She has incredible strength that has pulled her through so many hardships in her life, and she still always has a positive outlook on life. I love Paula Abdul, my idol, and forever…

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