Patagonia is a brand of outdoor clothing and technical apparel. The company was founded in 1972 by Yvon Chouinard.

I see you, Yvon

Story by Will Stiefel

I love Patagonia and their ground-breaking, morally-sound approach to business and marketing. Yvon Chouinard never let his passion to explore and create stifle his responsibility for humanity and the environment. Plus, he makes some killer products.

anks for all that you do Patagonia

Story by Paul , United States

I just love Patagonia. The principles and idealism are highly respected. The whole live to work and work to live ethos is what it is all about. Thanks for all that you do Patagonia.

I like to go to the store to watch it

Story by cristián villegas , Chile

I like Patagonia. They do not sell only clothes, but something more, an important contribution. They appeal to the emotions. It is a strong hook. I like to go to the store to watch it although I do not have money at that minute to buy something.

A company addicted to a dream

Story by Mike , United States

For a time, I had known Patagonia as simply “vacation clothing” for affluents from the Bay Area or the Hamptons. Then, I did a winter climb of Mt. Shasta with a cute young Patagoniac, who was sporting what looked to be a brand new top. I asked where she got it. “It was my mom’s….

This quote says it all

Story by Jeff Hutner , United States

Patagonia combines the mystery, sensuality and intimacy of nature with a deep commitment to environmental and social responsibility. Not a lot of companies strive to sell less by making better products that last longer and make you feel great about buying them. They walk their talk every day and every mile… something that empowers their…

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