Pat Metheny

Pat Metheny is an American jazz composer and guitarist. He is a member of the Pat Metheny Group and also performs as a soloist.

Like light filling a room

Story by Steven Myers , United States

His music is like light filling a room, filling this space with airy energy as it soars higher and higher bringing the listener along on an amazing flight of emotions expressed through music. His sound has impacted the entire globe as his fans span every geographic locale, age group, male, female, socioeconomic layer, liberal/conservative it…

Makes me travel through the world

Story by mamastripping , Brazil

Pat Metheny is a musician whose work makes me travel through the world. Also reminds me of all special people, moments and places of my life. And I believe people who share the same Lovemark will say the same and would help to tell more about this Lovemark.

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