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Pabst beer

Pasbt beer is brewed by Pabst Brewing Company. The company crafts over 24 brews of beer and is the fourth largest brewery in the United States.

My lake beer

Story by Sean Wilson , United States

PBR is my lake beer. I love sitting of the end of the dock at the end of the day and watching the sunset while drinking a PBR.

Good enough for me

Story by gd-er

One Mardi Gras, a bunch of us college kids headed down to Erath, Louisiana, to stay at our friend’s grandmother’s camp. Most of us weren’t picky about beer, but a few in the group were amateur beer connoisseurs. One of them opened the stocked refrigerator and studied the blue, red, and white boxes. “You know,”…

Life seemed easier then, didn't it?

Story by Molly Hunt , United States

Growing up as a great niece to the Pabst’s we spent many Summers on the lake in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, sipping on Pabst Blue Ribbon. You didn’t drink milk or soda in those days, just a nice cold PBR. A cooler of cold ones on the “six pack”, the pontoon boat, was a nice way to…

Amazing to me

Story by Lorenzo Morales , United States

PBR has been an American icon since I can’t remember. Older people that I know say that there were only a few beers across the nation in their day that had the status that Bud and Miller do now, and Pabst was one of them. Short story: While wearing my infamous PBR T-shirt, I was…

Gained cool status

Story by Hendrik Schaulin , Germany

I am surprised nobody hinted at that yet: Denis Hopper’s Frank Booth in BLUE VELVET (David Lynch, 1986) is one very convincing spokesperson. That’s when Pabst Blue Ribbon gained ultimate cool status in my world. In addition to that, it is quite a decent beer, really.

The new shabby chic

Story by Eric , United States

PBR is making a comeback…I have always been a PBR apostle because it was the first (and last) beer I stole from my father’s fridge. Ahhh…the memories. It is becoming the new shabby chic – but for die hards, it never truly left the scene.

A big part of that fun

Story by Brian Sniatkowski , United States

Pabst isn’t great beer, it isn’t even good beer, but it represents what is good in bad beer. Cheap and plentiful, it could always be found at fraternity parties in my college days. The familiar can was always present at parties in the woods and to this day, brings back memories of the days when…

A nice close to my day

Story by Smit , United States

If I’m in a cheap beer sort of a mood, Pabst Blue Ribbon makes a nice close to my day. I’ve been in something like 40 of the 50 states, and Pabst seems to pervade the beer coolers of my entire country. Mmm.

Hipsters' Love

Story by Melissa , United States

Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) is truely a Lovemark in every hipster bar from Athens to New York to San Fran. It is the cheapest beer in the coolest can. It is a must at any indie rock show or party or art opening. We love PBR!!

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