OPI is a brand of professional nail care products and cosmetics. It is known for their range of nail lacquers.

Brighten my nails

Story by Rully Febrina , Indonesia

OPI neon colours brighten my nails every day. I have never been disappointed with this product. The quality is outstanding and the range of colours is amazing. Whatever my mood, OPI always has the perfect colour for it. 

OPI Variation

Story by vera waty , Indonesia

I love OPI because they have a great variety of colours and I really enjoyed using them. I like to use OPI when I am doing nail art.  

OPI forever and always

Story by vera waty , Indonesia

I always use OPI for my nails. Their colours and their texture is the best. My nails always look amazing after using OPI and their big sortiment of colours never gets boring. 

OPI made my day!

Story by vera waty , Indonesia

Whenever I colour my nails I use OPI. I adore the colours and the texture of the nail polish. There are so many colours to choose from. Thanks for making my nails beautiful.  

So easy to have good nails

Story by Nathnatalia , Indonesia

Wearing OPI means making my nails look good in a minute. What I love about OPI nail polishes are OPI ingredients and the brushes. The various incredible colours are just another lovely thing about OPI. It has become so easy to have good nails when I have OPI. I will only buy OPI nail polish.

Always use it on my nails

Story by Hen

OPI is my favorite nail polish. My first nail polish is OPI, I choose OPI because it has many colours. Whateve colour I want, OPI has it so I don’t need to buy other brands of nail polish. OPI is also of good quality, which is different from others. It is very easy to mix the colours because it’s highly liquid. I…

Well regarded and sought out

Story by ChristopherT , United States

They are a leading manufacturer of nail lacquer and additional hand and foot products. Well regarded and sought out, not necessarily for their glamour, but for high quality. They have a simple approach to their product that appeals to consumers across generational lines. Several times a year they release new product lines, with sometimes catchy, sometimes…

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