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Nutella is the brand-name of a chocolate and hazelnut spread created in the 1940s by Ferrero (best known for their Ferrero Rocher sweets, which are filled with Nutella).

A Swiss Love Affair

Story by Susannah Howard , United States

We first met in 1986 through a mutual friend. Little did I know that it would be love at first bite. Every time I see you, I know I need to take it slow and savior every moment we are together. Thank you my friend, for decades of sweet memories. :)

Aysegul Gulun

Story by Aysegul Insel , Turkey

Breakfast and sometimes evening with my son who was 5 or 6 years old when we were watching funny TV shows. We laughed a lot and my memories of our times of great friendship full of love and fun my heart still bursts, I returned to those times as if the time stood still. He…

Dying for

Story by Windra , Indonesia

Nutella makes me an addict, I eat it everyday without bread. It tastes amazing!!!

Perfect With Everything

Story by juniorjohan

Nutella goes with everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. I taste nutellicious when I spread it on my pancakes, tart cake, and even Indonesia’s traditional cake like surabi or kue cubit!! I even put my nutella in my backpack whenever I leave the house for college.

Travel companion

Story by dinameidianti , Indonesia

Is Nutella delicious? Absolutely! The first time I tried this delicious topping was when I was living in Quebec in Canada. My mom always gave me nutella as part of a nutritious breakfast. Indeed, Moms across Canada choose Nutella for their children. Since that time, I always take Nutella everywhere I go in my travel bag.

Sinfully Delicious

Story by Irene , Indonesia

The first time I tried Nuttela, it was so delicious.  I don’t understand why it tastes so different than any other chocolate spread, but it’s delicious! You can mix Nutella with almost anything and it will surprise you. I always choose Nutella flavor on every kind of food and beverage. Even licking it by itself…

A Jar of Happiness

Story by Irene , Indonesia

Nutella defines the word happiness. Whenever I use Nutella, I feel so happy! I wouldn’t eat any other type of chocolate spread.   

Thanks Nutella

Story by Patricia Melissa , Indonesia

I love chocolate and nutella is becoming one of my favourite spreads! I love it because it’s so tasty. I always eat bread with nutella for breakfast. Thanks Nutella!

Fabulous Topping

Story by felix lidwino , Indonesia

The most fabulous topping in the world!I am addicted to it and never forget to have it for breakfast. It is my breakfast booster!  

Can't Resist

Story by Sassa , Indonesia

With bread or without, and with spoon or without, Nutella is the best. It tastes like heaven no matter how much you have! I can never resist!  

Can't imagine life without it

Story by Bella Permana , Indonesia

I can’t imagine my life without Nutella. Every minute, every second, every hour of my day, I want to eat Nutella. I will never forget to lick my tablespoon of Nutella, it is just so yummy.

Melt in your Mouth

Story by meluungh

Nutella is the best spread in Indonesia. The flavour is melt in the mouth and every morning I always use Nutella on my bread.   

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