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New Zealand

New Zealand is a democratic island state in the south-western Pacific Ocean. A popular Maori name for New Zealand is Aotearoa, often translated as "The Land of the Long White Cloud".

The Mighty All Blacks

Story by JOHN FREE , Australia

This Team has dominated Global Rugby Union for over 100 years an extraordinary feat that no other Sports Team can boast. A new look Team will start 2016 with the best Six players from the past ten years retiring.

I'm yours

Story by Monique Evans , United States

I have just returned from New Zealand and I can’t shake this feeling like I have discovered a beauty in a country that connected me to my truest self. I feel cheated somehow by not being there. Please take me back New Zealand. I’m yours. Sincerely, Monique.

It's being loved and in love

Story by Anonymous

Being a Kiwi is the same as being in love. The pride you feel for being a New Zealander is just the same as how you feel when you’re in love…so this is truly a pure Lovemark?! The ache in your heart when you anticipate going home (seeing your love), the flush and rush you…

I love saying I’m a New Zealander

Story by Kate Bezar , Australia

Although I’ve lived in Australia for ten years and it’s given me incredible opportunities, experiences and friends, New Zealand will always be my home. I love saying I’m a New Zealander. I love what my country stands for and the respect that such a little place has globally. I love that we’re go-getters and innovative,…

Life as it should be

Story by Bevan Morris , Australia

I know it is easy, as a Kiwi, to love our country and to feel more of the world should know about us. But what makes New Zealand a Lovemark for so many – including me – is that the people that know and love New Zealand, are the people that truly believe that New…

A never ending dose of goodness each day

Story by Darren Hunter , New Zealand

I see, hear, smell and somehow feel the essence of our wonderful country full of promise and beauty. A never ending dose of goodness each day regardless of season, regardless of reason, and that knowledge comes with a sense of appreciation makes me thank God I’m a Kiwi.

I have yet to see anything that matches.

Story by Linda Simson , New Zealand

Where else in the world has it all in such a small package? The New Zealand town I live in has an international airport, first rate hospitals, universities, uncluttered beaches, cafes, live theatre, parks and gardens, proud friendly people – and beyond town? Fresh open countryside, stunning mountains, untamed wilderness, wild rivers, scenery better than…

Only a few moments away

Story by Anna Rose , New Zealand

You’re only ever a couple of hours away from a white sand beach, black sand surf beach, snowy mountains, a city and a farm. And only a few moments away from rain, storms and hot sunshine. Talk about variety!

It's like this Bro...

Story by Marcel Van Leeuwen , New Zealand

It’s like this Bro, New Zealand is like many songs: ‘The Long and Winding Road’ , or if you work for ya’self ‘8 days a week’ ; ‘A hard day’s night’. Like when you walk down the street in Monte Carlo, and an american woman in passing says ” Hey there kiwi! “. Or you’re…

I close my eyes and just imagine...

Story by Vikrant Chikhal , India

I close my eyes and just imagine what “New Zealand” will be like, and I get the best vibes, the cool ocean wind relaxing my senses, the blue skies making me fly, the lovely grass caressing me like a newborn and the people treating me like one of their own. All this when I haven’t…

Heaven on Earth

Story by Marcel Van Leeuwen , New Zealand

South Island New Zealand – living in the east, working in the west, driving over the swiss-like snow-capped alps with a full moon and you’re the only one in the world after midnight to enjoy that splendour, the moon’s so bright you turn off your carlight and be one with the light, just to get…

A brief but exciting history

Story by Manpreet Kler , New Zealand

For New Zealand, the adage ‘good things come in small packages’ stands true. Tranquil lifestyle, fresh cuisine, and exotic flora and fauna are just the tip of the iceberg. The land of the long white cloud’s brief but exciting history, gives NZ a unique blend: cutting edge innovation and a rich multicultural background to add…


Story by BJ Pike , New Zealand

Driving through the stunning New Zealand countryside, I have to remind myself that this is my ‘backyard’, but also a place people travel half the world to see for themselves. Remember not to take this for granted but treasure it for the wonderland it is. The land is a treasure, and the people of the…

ALL the attributes

Story by John Free , Thailand

100% pure and 100% loved by every person I have ever met who has visited the enchanted islands. Those of unable to live at “home” are always moved by any reminders we see or hear. If only those people living there knew what the are blessed with, and enjoyed ALL the attributes of “God’s Own”….

Being a Kiwi

Story by Toni McCarthy , New Zealand

It’s sunny right now, it will rain in about an hour. I could take a 1 1/2 hour drive to see my brother in Taupo, maybe shoot up to Auckland for the weekend, travel out to the beach for some late autumn views, or is it early winter now? It’s not just a country, it’s…

A world outside

Story by Grant Whitehouse , Australia

Only New Zealand could take a story as complex as Lord of the Rings, and make it simple, and beautiful and moving. And only New Zealand could supply the landscapes to set that story in, and make us believe it was a world outside of our own.

My friend told me

Story by Yenty Jap , Indonesia

A few years ago, my friend told me that New Zealand is the most beautiful country in the world. Now I’m there and as soon as I start travelling around, I realize why New Zealand gets the title. The country exists for people who search for beauty in their life.

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