New Orleans

New Orleans is a major United States port city and historically the largest city in the US state of Louisiana. New Orleans is known for its multicultural heritage, cuisine and music.

My reason to wake on Sunday mornings

Story by Paul Adams , United States

My home, my culture, my reason to wake on Sunday mornings. I’ll never forget you, you helped create me. Thank you to everyone I have come accross since Katrina; your help, generosity and support is unmatched. Many NOLA residents, myself included, probably couldn’t have made it through the last few months without you. Your support…

Hang in there, you rock!

Story by E Miller , United States

I know New Orleans as my mom’s hometown. It has the kindest culture and a place in my heart. Right now after Katrina has left New Orleans in disaster I want to send my prayers and gratefulness and love to New Orleans. New Orleans hang in there, you rock!

Developing new avenues

Story by Audrey Wong , United States

New Orleans is a state of mind. It is and isn’t French, Caribbean, African, American, Anglo. And what is Creole? It’s a concept that America will come to increasingly accept in time. New Orleans – It’s a piece of history developing new avenues yet keeping the past eternally alive. The music, food, people and Bourbon…

Soul and Identity

Story by Scott , United States

Few cities in America have as much soul and identity as the Crescent City. It’s filthy, poor and run-down BUT it is also the antithesis of modern, heavily-marketed cities grasping for identity. Simply mentioning the name brings smiles and thoughts of the people, culture, music, architecture..

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