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Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond is an American singer and songwriter. He was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1984.

First love is the best love

Story by Aysegul Insel , Turkey

When I was 18, my first year at one of the best and wonderful universities in İstanbul. For the first time in my life I fell in love utterly. My boy friend was in the junior class and very popular. But he chose me, a girl looking younger than she was, good looking but no…

Performing just for me

Story by Sue Fitzpatrick , United States

How can you not like Neil Diamond. I grew up listening to him and finally got to see him in concert a few years ago. Even though it wasn’t the greatest seat in the house, I felt he was performing just for me.

A fan for more than 30 years

Story by Susanna , Germany

I’m a fan of Neil Diamond and his marvellous songs for more than 30 years. His music has kept me company through the ups and downs of my life. I’m still hoping for more and more songs. Please hurry – me and all the other fans are waiting!!

Gets into my head

Story by Sarah , United Kingdom

My nan has loved Neil Diamond for over 30 years, every time I go to her house I hear him singing, so have become quite a fan myself. No matter where I go he somehow gets into my head. He’ll always remind me of my nan.

My mum is a big fan of Neil Diamond

Story by Angie , Germany

My mum is a big fan of Neil Diamond so I grew up with that music. If ever I hear songs on the radio, I pull bottom for louder, close my eyes and I’m simply feeling back home. And if ever I go home and visit my mum, I love to share moments with her,…

Music can give

Story by Angelika , Germany

I can’t remember how long I listen to Neil Diamond’s music. I’m not that kind of a fan about his favorite musician, that visits all concerts or want to know all about his private life. For me it is important, what that music can give to me. Neil Diamond’s music is still that, what I…

An American icon

Story by Saskia , Germany

I grew up with Neil Diamond music. Great music that gets better every time you listen. For me, Neil Diamond is an American icon. I hope, there will be a lot of new songs in the future

The wonderful lyrics

Story by Ralf , Germany

If I want to be all by myself, Neil Diamonds music is the best way to relax. In my trouble job I need time to come down and in this moments I enjoy to listen the wonderful lyrics of his songs.

Thanks for the new songs

Story by Kirsten , Germany

He is probably one of the greatest entertainers ever. This man is a genius. I think he touched many lives with his songs. Thanks for the new songs.

Neil's music spans generations

Story by Monica , United States

Neil’s music spans generations. My mother and I share a love for his music, my best freind and her daughter are both big Neil fans as well. During his last concert tour we took her daughter to see Neil for the first time. Ashley was in heaven! Thank you Neil!

Timeless and forever young

Story by Sarah , Ireland

The songs from Neil Diamond are timeless and forever young. I believe, he is a Lovemark, because he is entertaining his fans all around the world for such a long time. And I’m sure he will do furthermore.

His beautiful songs speak to my soul

Story by Rebecca , United States

I have been a fan of Mr. Diamond and his music for over 30 years. His beautiful songs speak to my soul, make me dance and fulfill my every mood. He is truly a masterful poet and musical genius.

It makes me something beautiful and wonderful

Story by Jutta , Germany

The lyrics of the songs of Neil Diamond for me is pure magic. It feels like that they written for me alone. I can’t stop listening to the music and it makes me something beautiful and wonderful. May he be there for his fans for a long time.

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