My Name Is Khan

'My Name Is Khan' is a Bollywood movie by Karan Johar and released in 2010. It stars Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol.

Touching and Inspiring

I have never forgotten about this movie, the storyline is very touching and inspiring. The movie is quite sad because it shows that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. It also shows that all religion is good and it’s only bad based on the person who practices it.   

A lover's courage

Story by devina octaviani , Indonesia

This movie is about a lover’s courage and a father’s sacrifice, it is about injustice and a strong man. It shows that  that there is nothing love can be stopped by. I was really touched by this. 

A Movie That Makes You Cry And Laugh

Story by liurin fitri , Indonesia

I was a little bit skeptical about this Hindi movie, but my friend insisted, so I went to watch it with her. Turns out it is a great movie. The story is very emotional, it made me cry and laugh at the same time. I’ve watched it 3 times already and never get bored.

A must watch for everyone

Story by Yudith Sitinjak , Indonesia

“My Name Is Khan” is a movie full of message. It touches the heart and teaches a lot of things about love, struggle, respect, dedication, loyalty and sacrifice. It’s a must watch movie for EVERYONE. Shahrukh Khan is also has best actor in this movie. All perfect.

A full of emotion kind of movie

Story by Julianto Tarlesno , Indonesia

‘My Name is Khan’ is the reality of America. It was a sad, funny, full of emotion kind of movie. I cried a lot during this movie, because the story is so touching. Especialy when he said he wanted to say to the president that there should be no racism.

This film has a strong emotional story

Story by yessica ade , Indonesia

My Name is Khan is a film that must be watched. This movie teaches us about the persistence of a person to achieve his goal even though he has limitations. Many values can be learned from this movie. Through this film we learn to appreciate differences and not to look down on people who have…

This film is so great

Story by shahrukh1 , United States

This film is so great – I absolutely loved it. You can’t help but laugh, cry, feel happy, and fall in love with the leading actor that plays Rizwan. Shah Rukh did a fantastic job playing his character. I am glad that I live in this day in age where I get to see the kind…

A film that touches the spirit

Story by ignatia carline , Indonesia

Best drama ever. This is a drama that teaches us about morality and how a person can be loyal and do anything for love. Don’t fight and accept everything with a big heart. Always remember those who have bee already kind, and help people who need help. Love your family, teach the right things, and then don’t judge a book by its cover….

Carries lots of emotions

Story by Noha Salem

It’s a journey of a simple man trying to prove a point – that we all are classified according to our deeds, not according to nationality, color or most importantly religion. A journey motivated and achieved by love. This movie carries lots of emotions, lots of messages, that it’s difficult to watch through it without becoming…

A beautiful message

Story by Heba

This is the best movie I’ve seen in ages. A beautiful message of humanity to the whole world. Wonderful story, acting, direction and everything. I recommend it for all people, even children.

Love it for its values

Story by sandidi , Australia

I love the Indian movie “My Name Is Khan” because of the values it promotes: love, honesty, peace, understanding, hope, humanity, and much more. Starring the power triumvirate that I call “The K-force” (King Khan, Kajol and Karan), this movie has been adored all over the world and viewers love it more each time they see…

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